April 21, 2023

Fashion Friday: Your Requested Looks

It was so fun to see how many of you requested outfit suggestions for many of the same types of events – graduations, going to see Taylor Swift in concert, school fundraisers/auctions, milestone birthdays and wedding guests. I’ve gotten two done today, and will try to do a couple more on Instagram later!

First, Taylor Swift. I myself am going and have strong feelings about how to dress. This is an EVENT. The tickets are so expensive that I feel one must go all out. And by that I mean basically dress as a Taylor Swift back up dancer. :) At least that’s my directive for myself and friends. We’re talking cowgirl boots, sequins, fringe, denim…. whatever Taylor era you prefer. And if that feels too intense, I added one basic “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” look too. Click for links except the Taylor tee, which is HERE.

The other most popular request was school fundraisers and events – where you want to dress up but not “going out” dress up- appropriate but still fun. Here are three looks I’m LOVING for such an occasion (I also think these work for dinner out or even a daytime graduation possibly!)

OK, I have to run to some meetings but will try to add more looks!

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