June 29, 2016

Opening Up My Cabinets

Life has been so incredibly frantic and crazy busy as of late (hence why this post is going up so late- currently typing from my car in between meetings!)  One things that happens to me when life gets like this is that I find myself desperate to streamline the “things” in my life.  Too much stuff taking up space physically and mentally just adds to the clutter of life.   As of late I’ve wanted to streamline my casual tableware- I currently have such a mish-mash of stuff and I hate it.

What’s hard is editing out things that have emotional significance- hand-me-downs from family, coffee mugs that remind you of times past and stuff that is too new to toss but create no joy in your life (I think I need to read Marie Kondo’s book STAT). So I’m opening up my cabinets (some more embarrassing than others) and trying to find a way to clean them up and make things simpler visually (I find that when things are tidy visually, my mind feels calmer!)

This is my “nice” cabinet- vintage glassware, items from my line with Jill Rosenwald, my wedding china (maybe used twice in 12 years) and some heirloom Herend dessert plates from my other in law.  This cabinet doesn’t bother me so much, but really I could put my nice china in storage until the day I have a formal dining room to create some more room.

My glassware- we have like 6 different types of wine glasses- collected over time from photoshoots and replacing some broken ones with new styles we wanted to try. Oh, and my nice wine glasses we got for our wedding that we are too scared to use because we break things a lot and breaking a $35 glass is very different than a $5 one!  I still love my French blue opaline glasses I got for a song at a flea market, even though I rarely actually use them- they make me happy in my glass cabinets. But I want to find one style wine glass and stick to it!


This is the really ugly cabinet- so many random white dishes, ugly joke cereal bowls we got like 13 years ago that we just never have gotten rid of all this time (whyyyyyy?) and various little tidbit bowls and old, scratched melamine plates that desperately need replacing.


YIKES.  Our coffee mug/ bottle/ drinking glass cabinet. This stresses me out.  I need to find another spot for bottles and neaten this up with some matching coffee mugs (I’ll have to keep a couple sentimental ones plus Andrew will hoard his “special ones”….so this will be hard!)  We need to get rid of free/gifted glasses and get a complete set of drinking glasses.


Here’s my ideal plan!


  1.  We have C&B’s Staccato plates,bowls and mugs we got for our wedding which I still like, but I also am loving this Williams Sonoma set that reminds me of Parisian bistros. The mugs are bigger too which is better.
  2. I replaced all my mismatched silverware with a matte gold bamboo set from Williams Sonoma when it went on sale (now discontinued) and I am so happy I bit the bullet and did it. This one is similar (although actual GOLD, whoa) This style is great for fancy or casual dinners.
  3. Andrew loves these C&B glasses. So I won’t fight it because they are fine. I also love the look of the stemless version too!
  4. Of course, I will keep my JR plates (and mugs and bowls) of my own design. They also would look great combined with the WS set above for company.
  5. I really need new monogrammed napkins.  Adding cloth napkins to a plain setting makes everything feel slightly more special.
  6. I like these slim, light glasses for water/ drinks from Williams Sonoma.
  7. I ADORE my C&B champagne coupes. They stay!
  8. I just ordered these melamine plates from Q Squared.  Feeding my current blue and white obsession further.
  9. I saw these acrylic tumblers in C&B the other day and love them! Adorable and perfect for kids and eating outside.
  10. Cute paper napkins for dinners on the patio.

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