November 28, 2016

Gift Guides 2016: For Kids of All Sizes

Kids will certainly let you know what they want for X-mas- that we know. But in case you need a little help, here is a selection of gifts for kids of all ages. Now, I make no promises when it comes to tweens and teens because I’m kind of scared of them and don’t really know what they are into beyond their phones, selfies and wearing stuff I wore in the 90’s (but ironically now-which makes me feel 672 years old).  But I tried! Happy Cyber Monday shopping (SO many great sales!)

  1. My favorite sweater for Henry- also in coral.
  2. Also bought this ball for Henry- the painted animals on it are very Wes Anderson, adorbs!
  3. A playmat that won’t sear your retinas with insane colors.
  4. I was given this lion at my baby shower and it is the softest, fanciest little stuffed animal ever.
  5. Jonathan Adler re-designed the Rock’n Play (which was a miracle as a new mom- so jealous of this new design!)
  6. This little stuffed pumpkin carriage is beyond cute (look at the floral wallpaper inside!)
  7. OBSESSED with this blue toile sleepsack (also the matching crib sheets).
  8. Also amazed by these paper mache animal heads for a nursery wall- babies would love these to look at!
  9. The sweetest little bib set I ever did see.
  10. I love Hazel Village stuffed animals.
  11. A great toy to get those motor skills working!
  12. A super pretty teething toy!
  13. How cool does this tiny ride on look? Meant for the little guys to learn how to balance.
  14. A soft baby book great for newborns.
  15. Henry is STILL in love with this musical toy.
  16. My favorite winter hat and mitten set- he can’t take the hat off!
  17. A stuffed barnyard animal stacking toy that is beyond cute!
  18. LLAMAS!!!!!!
  19. I love Rikshaw bibs– so sweet and absorbent. Also in blue.
  20. This RadioFlyer walker wagon is wonderful! :)


  1.  I loved the PB Kids grey and brass kitchen from last year, and this year- LIMED OAK! LOOOOOOOVE.
  2. I love this little pig rocker. So freaking sweet!
  3. A giant coloring book roll!
  4. I was SO happy my niece asked for the boxed set of Harry Potter books this year! So special!
  5. These personalized gift sacks are such a cute way to group gifts or wrap something big! And re-usable year after year!
  6. A darling little apron and kitchen tool set! Pair with a cute cookie mix for a great gift.
  7. Cute sneaks.
  8. Two fantastic books- Iggy Peck Architect and Painting Pepette.
  9. You’ll get LOTS of hugs for this mini Tesla!
  10. Adorable personalized hats (and for every children’s item ordered, Cece duPraz is donating a onesie to a baby in need).
  11. I LOOOOOOOVE Roberta Rollerrabbit pajamas. Henry NEEDS these llama ones.
  12. Trains are always a good idea– this set is gorgeous to boot!
  13. What little girl wouldn’t want a sparkly, sequined dress?
  14. Or a grey tutu? Can I have one too?
  15. Love these gold star Uggs. My niece might get these too.
  16. Adore the monochromatic workbench- fun AND won’t ruin your decor!
  17. A doll size Jenny Lind bed with the cutest bedding I ever did see? Yes please!
  18. Or these gorgeous dolls dressed ready for street style pics.
  19. A super fast sled. Done and done.
  20. Legos are a safe bet. Always.
  21. Cute crayons made into a child’s name! Pair with a big stack of coloring books (or the coloring roll above!)


  1.  I actually want this in the all black.  I guess Abercrombie is back?
  2. Beats headphones are always a winning bet. These are the wireless ones.
  3. I think this is the new Madden game? I assume boys still play this???
  4. A great collection of mini nailpolishes.
  5. Adorable camo sweats for the tween boy.
  6. An iPhone projector– turning any phone into a movie screen!
  7. A little stocking stuffer full of goodies for the ladies.
  8. Sparkly skirt? CHECK!
  9. Battle drones should be exciting- especially Star Wars ones.
  10. OMG this tray is #TOTESADORBS.
  11. A cell phone case filled with liquid glitter.
  12. A sherpa fleece lined hoodie in a bevy of colors. Can’t really go wrong with this.
  13. A ping pong tabletop that can go just about anywhere from the kitche island to a dining table. Family fun 101.
  14. Gold bunny ear speaker for her phone.  Cute addition to the bedroom.
  15. Teen boys + trucker hats?  That’s still a thing, right? :)
  16. These embroidered jeans are pretty great for the tween gal!
  17. A HUGE sports mural for a wall in their room (also available in baseball and basketball)
  18. Also, a faux fur beanbag or two is perfect for hanging out or reading.
  19. A CANNOT believe chokers are back, but they are- in a BIG way.
  20. The jacket all girls have/want/ need.
  21. Smaller scale tassel earrings in fun colors.
  22. Google Home– a great gift for the whole family to use (comes with different base colors like copper too!)
  23. Fave NFL team winter hat! GO PATS!
  24. A modern and chic jewelry organizer.

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