January 29, 2020

Affordable Throw Pillow Roundup!

Image by Sarah Winchester

Decorative pillows are SUCH a crucial and important part of any room we design. They are a wonderful way to add pattern and color without committing on a larger scale to upholstered furniture or rugs. You can swap them out when the mood strikes and move them around your home with ease to mix things up.

We make custom pillows for our clients day in and day out. And they are EXPENSIVE. On average our custom pillows range from $275-$450 PER pillow. Labor costs in Boston are higher than they may be where you live, so that makes things pricey, but there are still some great options for both retail pillows and even some designer fabric ones made for you on Etsy. The key to getting a punch of designer pattern without paying through the nose is to have the pillows made one sided with a solid fabric on the back, as most Etsy vendors will offer. Mix them with off the shelf solids or border trim pillows and you’ve got a clean, classic look at a more affordable price point.

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