October 16, 2014

An Amazing Night in Houston!

We had so much fun last night at Tootsies in Houston (holy amazing store, by the way!) Way more people turned out than I had expected, some even driving from three hours away!  And as with all my stops, the ladies rocked the leopard OUT in honor of the book. :)

Dress: Shopbop // Shoes: Valentino // Necklace: Chloe & Isabel // Clutch: Clare Vivier


This white dress is so cool (there is a long gold zipper running down the back of the dress I didn’t get a pic of).   To wear it in the white (also in blue) you need to have a full nude slip as it’s not lined. I wore this one from Spanx and it worked out great- and we even went out for Indian food afterwards and I managed not to spill on myself, which is a feat.


I have to say a big thank you to Andrew for taking time off to come with me on this adventure. I never would have made it through this without him (I tend me be a difficult neurotic traveler… I know- shocking).   It’s also been so fun to have all my readers meet him- he’s been working the waiting lines with his southern charm and extraordinary friendliness like a champ.  Glad to have people see why I adore him so much.

OK, here we go- last stop on this leg- SAN FRANCISCO!!! Tonight from 6-7 at Pottery Barn on Chestnut Street (with a wine tasting!)

8x5_ErinGates BookSigning_800(1)


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