April 13, 2020

Cheery Updates to Your Home for Under $300

photo by Sarah Winchester

It’s feeling a tad bleak these days, and our homes are acting as classroom, office, living space and recreation space. So it’s so important to make it feel as happy and cheerful as possible. Pair that with a devastated economy, and it makes things really tough. That said, there are ways to update your home (and outdoor space) without spending thousands of dollars. And it can be one little thing at a time, like a new big vase for greenery you cut for yourself, or a small runner for the kitchen, so I found some great pieces for affordable prices that have both small and large impact in your space and give it a little lift!


You can make some really great little changes and updates to your interior with not too much money- here are some examples (notes following the collage on my tips)…

* Link for green paisley pillows

Random thoughts starting from the top:

Changing an old, stained rug out for a fresh one can be a HUGE impact maker- this one is super affordable and looks vintage.

Also, adding a cool, funky accent chair to a corner of your living space or bedroom and plopping a cute pillow or sheepskin on it also can add a bit of fun to a room. And don’t underestimate what a large mirror can do to brighten up a space, especially if hung across from a window.

New pillows, art and lamps are another majorly easy way to add color or spice up a room. Good lighting is especially important when spending lots of time inside- a poorly lit room is so depressing.

This bookcase/cubby situation with the baskets below are such a simple way to get organized in any space- an entry, family room, office, kids room– looks good and has MAJOR functionality.

A big white vase with some greenery in it (either faux, as I’ve posted, or a real branch cutting from outside) literally can make a space. It adds so much happiness to have greenery in a space.

OK, a little DIY project for those ambitious folks- this affordable self-adhesive faux grasscloth would be so great applied to the back of built ins, bookcases or even the interior of glass cabinets!

For those even MORE adventurous, this wall mural would make an amazing accent wall behind a bed! YOU CAN DO IT! (says the girl who has never hung wallpaper herself)

While you’re at it, add some plug in swing arm sconces next to your bed for great reading light and to free up space on your nightstands! And might as well add some fresh bedding to the mix (this set is under $90 and is a classic hotel style in a few colors!)

OK, back to the kitchen– edit down your dishware while home, and then freshen your set with some fun bowls and new glassware.

Adding a fab kitchen runner to your space also has big impact for low dollars.

And get yourself a new, upgraded coffee machine!  Since coffee places are closed, you need a good machine.

In the bathroom, a new shower curtain can make a world of difference. So can a set of fresh new towels and pretty countertop accessories.

This weekend I used these stacking wire drawers to organize under my sink and I swear I am now a better human being.

Instead of a bathmat, try a vintage Oushak or Persian rug from Etsy!



Right now, the one thing that is a sanity saver for me is getting outside, and getting some fresh air and a little sun. If you don’t have a spot to sit and relax or have a nice cup of coffee (or wine) outside, get one! Even if you just have a small balcony, there are so many great options.

Find a little spot for a cute lounge chair and little side table so you can enjoy being outside comfortably.

Add some punchy outdoor pillows to any seating surface.

A nice bench on the porch looks great AND serves a purpose.

When the weather is nice, eating outside is such a nice change of pace- cute glassware and melamine plates make the table a little fancier.

A cute bistro set is such a great addition to a small patio or balcony.

If you have a yard, it would be a fun project to have the kids paint these unfinished cornhole boards!  Also, adding a little firepit can give you a nice evening activity to enjoy outside.

A fresh doormat or outdoor rug to anchor your furniture is also a nice touch.

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