June 17, 2016

Fashion Friday: 15 Things I’ve Worn to Death

I posted a throwback picture from a few years ago on Facebook recently in which I was wearing some leather pants I had raved about. A friend asked me if I still wore them and if I would do a post on investment pieces I don’t regret buying/ still wear all the time. I thought it was a great idea. It’s hard to pull the trigger on higher priced items, it’s so scary to invest in clothing, but sometimes it’s so very worth it. When you wear something non-stop and it’s made well it makes more financial sense than lots of cheaper items you wear once or twice and then they shrink/fall apart/ fall out of style. Some I even buy again once I’ve worn through them, and some torture me because they are not made anymore (I’m looking at you suede Tory Burch flats with jeweled bows!!!! RIP)

So here are 15 things I invested in (some not even SO pricey i.e. J.Crew) that have become total staples in my wardrobe.


  1. I bought a cream Veronica Beard tuxedo blazer two winters ago and I have worn it non stop with jeans and heels for semi-dressy evenings and my leather pants (#2) for dressier occasions.  This version (mine no longer available) is a bit different, but it has a similar cut and color.
  2. Ahhhh, my leather pants. (OMG!!! They are 40% off today on Outnet- run, people, run!!!!) Now four years old and not one moment of regret, despite the astronomical price. I’ve worn these so much I had to have them repaired- price per wear is probably lower than anything else in my closet other than jeans!
  3. I have four DVF New Julian wrap dresses, all of which I still love (one is eight years old and still going strong).  So flattering, forgiving and perfect for just about any occasion from a meeting to a wedding. A must have.
  4. My black Loubs.  I thought this brand was super over-hyped- but not when you buy the right pair.  The classic heels are so comfy for the height and look so insanely flattering on the foot. I had mine resoled with red rubber soles for durability since I wear them so much!
  5. I’ve said it before (a few times) but I’ll say it again- Citizen’s Racer jean is the perfect cut. PERFECT. I have three pairs now and am nervous they will stop making them so will probably buy more.  I’ve bought cheaper jeans that sit on my shelf- these I wear 3-4 days a week.
  6. When my book was published I treated myself to a Chloe Marcie bag.  Since then I have carried it almost every day! The size is great, it has the perfect amount of pockets, there is a long strip plus the handles AND the leather is thick and amazing.  Worth every penny.
  7. I wore these Ancient Greek sandals into the ground (mine are gross now but I can’t bring myself to toss them!) Time for a new pair! Love the mix of gold and leather- goes with everything from sundresses to denim cutoffs.
  8. Also time for a new pair of Rag & Bone Newbry suede booties before fall comes!  Perfect heel height and size for lift with stability and a simple, classic look.
  9. Wallets are something you use every day no matter what bag or outfit you choose- so I invested in a classic Louis Vuitton one and haven’t looked back. Still looks brand new and I will never tire of it.
  10. This Clare V clutch is such a staple for me. Goes with everything, a great size for all your stuff and LEOPARD, so duh.
  11. I’ve never repeat bought a product as many times as Child perfume. My signature, I still love it over a decade after discovery.
  12. I had a total Halley’s Comet fashion moment when I found this Veda leather jacket at 50% off a couple winters ago. Lucky me, as it’s such a staple for cooler weather dressing and SO comfortable with the stretchy panels in the sleeves.
  13. My J.Crew denim jacket is probably coming up on 10 years old and I don’t see myself buying  a new one for another 10 years.  It’s the perfect cut, soft and worn and I would be lost without it in the spring and summer.  The one they sell now is a very similar cut and wash.
  14. Another J.Crew classic- this sparkly chain link bracelet is still a favorite for when my outfit needs a little spunk.
  15. The Saint James striped tee– well made, classic cut- never, ever going out of style.

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