October 19, 2018

Fashion Friday: Dressing For Family Photos

Our pic from last year- (by Maureen Ford) all in coordinating tones but NOT matching exactly!

It’s that time of year again– when you attempt to take some attractive family photos for holiday cards and gifts!  I learned last year how extremely difficult it is with a crazy toddler, and yet somehow we ended up with gorgeous pics!  My rule of thumb for dressing for family pictures is to make sure everyone coordinates in color and style level (i.e. all casual or all fancy, but not half the family in dresses and half in hockey jerseys!)  Here are three styles to help guide you in picking your own outfits! (As you can tell, navy is always a safe place to start!)

Click images for links to items!


(for link or the bow loafers click here)



(  want that coat somethin’ fierce, but already have 400 coats!)

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