January 5, 2024

Fashion Friday: Favorite Workout Clothes & Gear

If you follow me you know I like to workout. It’s impossible for me to remain even keeled unless I do something 5 days a week. I switch it up all the time from running to hiking to biking, pilates, yoga, barre and as of this past year, heavy weights! We built a gym in our basement during COVID (all hail the treadmill grotto) and it’s one of the best things we’ve done. We use it ALL the time. We have a Peloton Tread, the bike and a large rack of weights and I really want the Tonal. I’ve been going to some classes at a pilates reformer studio off and on as well as a weight training class/personal sessions with a trainer, but I really like working out at home or outside.

Since the new year brings about a lot of health and fitness resolutions, I thought I’d round up my favorite equipment as well as outfits! A cute workout outfit will do wonders for your motivation! :) I’ve included some of my tips and notes too…


Like I said, I am obsessed with the Tread, I use the bike far less and always have bands, a pilates ball and ankle weights around. I use our weights A LOT now. Our set goes up to 50lbs but this Target set above is a good starter grouping. If you have limited space but want a heavier range- these are amazing.

As for Apps, I’ve tried a ton but these are my favorites – Peloton being my most used. I do runs, walks, hikes, barre, pilates, yoga and strength classes. Second is Melissa Wood Health, a great pilates/yoga blend that also now has more instructors and some good short classes. AloMoves is newest and had SUCH a wide range of classes! I use most for sculpt, yoga, pilates type workouts. Wilma Fit is amazing for strength circuits on a time crunch. She’s hard and I’m always sore! Caroline’s Circuits is no frills – she’s a British woman in her 50’s with a rockin’ body who does weight/ toning circuits that are hard but not painful. No music, but her yelling at you in her accent is motivation enough!


My Notes:

My ride or die legging is the Alo Airlift in 28″ length (great for taller girls) and top is the crop bra top or longline bra from CRZ on Amazon. This brand has BONKERS good stuff for so cheap – if you prefer longer tanks this one is PERFECTION. Feels JUST like Lulu and holds up! I also have stuff from Old Navy and Gap that’s pretty good too!

I do like Athleta, Vuori and Lulu of course. And Carbon38 has the BEST fashion-y stuff (that navy and red outfit at top is MIIIIIIINNNNEEEE).

So what do you like to do for fitness? Any favorite apps I need to know about? Clothing lines? Share in comments!

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