July 26, 2019

Fashion Friday: Just Some Stuff I’m Loving/ Coveting

It’s summer guys, and so I’m gonna kick it casual-style with this post today, which is a mix of things I’ve gotten that I’m loving and some things I’m wanting. Easy peasy :)


1) This cream is SO expensive. But I got a deluxe sample and I REALLY liked it and swear it helped my skin after only 4 days. Even Andrew said “you look glowy”, which delighted me to no end and convinced me to buy the full bottle. I’ll report back in a month with results.

2) This bag is GORGEOUS and has a detachable crossbody strap AND a matching/ attached sunglasses case! BRILLIANT!

3) After hearing all the hype I tried Glossier’s Cloud Paint as I was looking for another option for non-powder blush. It’s great- and even more impressive was their customer service- I ordered another color that did not show up on my skin and asked to exchange for another color and they told me to keep the one I had to give to a freind and sent me the new color (Storm), which works awesome for me! I also got a sample of their perfume which I really liked and ordered.

4) STOP THE PRESSES- my beloved sweater blazer comes in leopard for fall. ALL REJOICE.

5) I got this tee in another color from the Nordstrom sale and LOVE the fit- so I’m getting this color too.

6) A chunky tortoise resin necklace is a go-to for me.

7) This dress is so expensive but OMG, I love it. It’s such an interior design kind of fabric, but in a gown. Also comes in other cuts and in navy and green versions too! WAAAAAAAANT. :(

8) Loving this scalp scrub shampoo for getting all the dry shampoo residue out of my hair- the best part? It LATHERS!

9) I have gotten SO, SO many questions about this necklace not only on Instagram but in real life too… so I thought I’d share it again here!

10) This suit is SO affordable and has amazing reviews. I also bought this one from Lululemon and love it!!!

11) This photo got me SO excited for fall clothes- these jeans look amazing and are under $90! Worth ordering to try!

12) Another striped shirt? Yes please. I love this taupe/ navy combo with denim!

13) These mother of pearl studs are adorable and such an everyday classic.

14.) This satin bias cut skirt is something you can wear now with a tank and denim jacket, and a cute slouchy sweater na boots in the fall! And it’s under $50!

15) Allison in my office SWEARS this transforms her into a different person in the morning so I’m going to have to try that!

16) The shape of these block heels is so ideal- lowish hells but enough lift and a pointed to to keep them from looking to clunky. Also comes in leopard. Also going right in my closet.

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