February 28, 2020

Fashion Friday: Packing For Spring Break

So, next week I’ll be out and not blogging, as we are taking Henry to Disney World for the first time.  I booked this way long ago and with coronavirus, flu and being 6 months preggo, I’m kind of like, “what was I thinking?” but I am also so excited to see Henry’s head absolutely explode. He’s been talking about this non-stop for weeks and weeks.  I’m thinking of it as our last hurrah as a family of three before baby girl comes in early June.  Luckily, one of my followers is an amazing Disney planner (her site is here) and she did EVERYTHING for us, including waking up at 6 am on New Years Day to book our Fast Passes.  You should absolutely use one of these planners and they cost you nothing (Disney pays them) and it made this whole experience SO much easier (dining reservations, advice on where to go, what to do, car service, stroller rental, etc.)

This made me think about everyone going on spring break and packing. Packing is tough, especially when you are going somewhere as active as Disney.  You need a mix of practical, super comfy stuff with a few nicer options for going out to dinner and of course spending time by the pool. So I did two wardrobes- one for those not pregnant and one for those who are! :)


Comfy shoes (these white sneaks are my go-to), dresses that do double duty (that bottom one can easily be a pool coverup) and tops that can work with shorts or jeans are all key. I prefer jeans for places like Disney because sitting down on rides and benches with bare legs makes me squirm.

Comfort is key here- from my fave pregnancy leggings to stretchy dresses (that pink one is not maternity and looks great on both pregnant women and non).  I also packed this support tank to wear with leggings, leopard sneakers and a denim jacket for our full day of walking from dawn to dusk.  Also, this swimsuit I had when pregnant with Henry, and while it’s not maternity, the ruching allows for your belly and it’s supportive and comfy.

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