April 5, 2024

Fashion Friday: Palm Royale Style

I have been watching Palm Royale and find it to be such a fantastic escape- the costumes, sets and hilarity of the cast is such a treat. Also, I’d like to know what Ricky Martin is doing to literally stay the same age forever. HOW??? And how adorable is Kristin Wiig in the cute mini dresses and big wigs? She also looks PHENOMENAL.

True story- I’ve never been to Palm Beach. I may have once breezed through West Palm antiquing with my brother when he lived in Miami, but I’ve never say, been to say, the famed Colony Hotel. While the sunny, cheery bright colors and warm weather are enticing- the politics not so much. So I’m not sure when I’ll go, but I’m happy to take a fashion adventure there in my mind! Here is a round up of the fab style found on the show, but in a non-costumey way. I feel like all this could be worn easily this summer anywhere!

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