July 30, 2021

Fashion Friday: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

OK, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is now public, which means the picking are a tad slimmer, but there are still so many good finds for everyone available. Most items on here are from the various NordstromMade brands, which keep the prices even MORE accessible, but I threw in a few branded faves too! Click images for links, a some notes on why I like these items under each collage! Sale ends Sunday!

OF NOTE:  Allllllllll the Zella leggings- love them. Especially this deep green pair! Also, those jammies are the softest and my fave.  Those booties? PERFECTION for fall. As is the solid color cashmere scarf. Also included- my favorite straight leg jeans, self-tanner and face mask and the nutritional tablets I put in my morning smoothie!

OF NOTE:  For the fellas- some really great classic pieces! Non-iron slim cut shirts and REAL pants for back to the office,  the perfect tan leather boot (waterproof!) and Andrew approved face scrub and hair pomade.  For home- STOCK UP!!! Great sheets, towels, mattress pads, comforters…. as well as fancy hand soap refills for your pretty bathroom and kitchen dispensers, a luxury candle sampler (GREAT GIFT!) and I snagged this paper towel holder for the new office!

OF NOTE:  A LOT fo leopard to love here, guys :) As well as glow in the dark jammies, a little Under Amour (I’m now deep into “that phase”) and great cozy baby sets!

  • This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. All selections and opinion are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that help keep EOS going!

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