October 16, 2020

Fashion Friday: What I’m Buying For My Kids

dress // tights // shoes

Shopping for my kids is SO much more fun than for me. And luckily (??) they grow so fast I feel like I constantly have to buy them new things.  So I walk the line between spending too much on adorable things (I’m looking at you Pink Chicken), and buying cheaper stuff that I’m not upset about them not fitting into after a couple wears (bonjour, H&M).  Also, Henry is a couple weeks from turning 5 (WHAT) and he now is really having an opinion on what he wears. Specifically “cozy pants” I have to bribe him into jeans and it’s quite sad. So i’m trying to find ways to trick him like lined cords and pajama jeans. Yup, I’m going there. Anything but his Target Spiderman sweatshirt and mismatched sweatpants he loves so much. LOL.  Emma basically wears something once and then it’s too small for her so I am trying to stick to really affordable brands for her, but the occasional splurge happens for sure. And I do buy for Future Emma when I see something really good that only comes in toddler sizes.  here are some great things (Hanna has some great holiday stuff and is 40% off today!)



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