May 27, 2020

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Picture by Sara Grayson Photography

Father’s Day is coming up, and since I will be home with a new baby perhaps sooner rather than later according to my OB appointment this morning, I wanted to get this gift guide up early! Also, shipping is still taking longer for some things so ordering early is better.  As usual, I consulted Andrew on some of these items to make sure they were actually things men his age wanted/liked. I hope you get some ideas!

  1. I just ordered this portable mini firepit for our patio because Henry really wants to roast marshmallows- I think it’s a great gift for under $100 and something you can use anywhere. Also it burns fatwood or wood pellets, which make less smoke and are much easier to stock up on than firewood.
  2. Andrew recommended this booze subscription service Flaviar. He likes it a lot. You can do half a year or a full year and it’s based on what kind of liquor they like.
  3. OK, these are the two business books Andrew can’t stop talking about (trust me, I am pretty sure he’s mentioned one of these on every one of his zillion conference calls since we’ve been working together). Shoe Dog and The Ride of A Lifetime.
  4. Cool looking golf shoes (on sale!)
  5. A monogrammed cooler bag that looks tough and is great to take to the beach or just out on the patio.
  6. There is a waitlist for this subscription service, Butcher Box, which we get. But Andrew is in love. It was actually pretty great to have during quarantine as we were shipped really great meat and it let us avoid the grocery store, which was typically sold out of the good stuff.
  7. Make the basement all that much more fun with this two in one game table that also has a solid top so it can be used to eat at or for crafts/ projects!
  8. Years later and Andrew is still OBSESSED with Criquet polos. OBSESSED.
  9. These Johnnie O shorts look crisp but have stretch and a great fit. They also have matching father/son sizes (and polos!)
  10. Noise cancelling AirPods. Kind of essential if everyone is still working from home and making each other nuts.
  11. I love these pants– more pulled together than sweats, but comfy and stretchy too.
  12. The tool kit every tech obsessed guy needs :)
  13. A high-tech face mask– because this is what’s truly needed right now. Equivalent (so it seems) to an N95 (reusable but with disposable filters).
  14. For any guy who likes Anchorman or Happy Gilmore, the like– these needlpoint coasters are a funny gift.
  15.  More patio time now that we’ve got to stay home more? Upgrade to a nice, solid wood cornhole set.
  16. I bought Andrew two pairs of these Fair Harbor bathing suits and they are awesome- fit great and perfect patterns/ colors and cuts. Plus made from recycled water bottles.
  17. I’ve heard this line is really great- a face wash/scrub and daily moisturizer with sunscreen.

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