November 2, 2015

Front Walk Update

As I mentioned I’ve been Extreme Nesting- some of it totally just because I want to and some of it necessary. One renovation project I wasn’t planning to tackle right this minute was our ugly, old front walk and stairs.  But then our brick stairs basically crumbled to dust. And I figured, well that can’t be too safe with all our visitors coming to see the baby, so let’s see if we can just repair them.  Turns out, the crumbling old brick and concrete was so far gone we would have to rebuild.  And since we would have to rebuild them it made sense to do it how we’d like them- in granite slab, and replace the purple and maroon walkway stone with bluestone.  Not a easy nor affordable “surprise” fix, but as I always say to my clients- why do it cheaply when you KNOW down the road you’ll want to do it right and then you’ve ended up spending more!  If you can, just rip the band-aid off fast and do it right the first time.  But this one stung, as you know, masonry work is NOT cheap. Not by a mile!


(I also love how my chartreuse door looks with my leopard stair runner!)

But it was SO worth it.  We used BR Paving who did such great work for a truly fair price.  I love how it came out (the mix of stones in the bluestone and the rough cut granite slab stairs.  It really gives our house more gravitas.  We’ve spent so much fixing this place up, redoing this area really was necessary to top it all off.  We planted some small boxwoods and added some solar lights from Lowes- but still need to edge and mulch the side beds a.  But at this point, that’s gonna happen in the spring. :)


We also redid the landing in front of the door, and as you know, painted that Benjamin Moore Wasabi.  I’m really liking it now- I wasn’t sure at first.   I really need to move those lanterns (from Northeast Lantern) further away from the door (we just replaced the ones that were there instead of re-wiring and patching the clapboard- but they bother me).  We also replaced our dated house numbers with some brass ones from Signature Hardware.  My mom bought us new topiaries for our anniversary (in Ballard planters).


I picked up these little stone dogs at the FABULOUS Gerard’s in Lincoln, MA (also, they have the most delicious pies if you go!)  I’ve always wanted a pair of stone dogs by my front door and this petite size worked perfectly for our “not grand” entrance.  My brass pineapple door knocker is vintage and found on Etsy.  And as you can see, my door is not in amazing shape, yet I did paint it with Benjamin Moore’s fancy high-gloss Grand Entrance paint.  It does highlight the wear and tear, but I still love it. I need a new doormat, and like this one from Grandin Road.


The rough cut granite slab stairs- which just needs a railing. And some landscaping help. :)


Railings are SO hard- I want something simple but significant enough to pair with the weight and heft of the steps.  These styles are what I’ve narrowed it down to for the most point.



We’ve come a LONG way since the day we bought the house!!!!




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