November 23, 2020

Gift Guides 2020: For Babies, Kids and Tweens/Teens

For Babies:

Babies don’t need a whole lot so these are more to delight Mom & Dad.

Click images for links, except where noted.

A few comments: #6 can be monogrammed and it such a great weight, #11 is a fave to gift and SO cozy, #18 is our playmat with wander & roam!!!

For Little Kids:

This is the biggest section, because I’m confident about gifting to this age group :)

1.These bath bombs DELIGHTED Henry.

3. Andrew found this AMAZING Lego bag that makes clean up a breeze! Genius!

7. Dead over the cuteness of this.

12. & 14. I just want to buy Emma ALLLLL the Moulin Roty things.

13. This play kitchen is handmade in the USA by Amish woodworkers.

17. The cutest stationery set to keep kids in touch with their grandparents.

21. I’m telling you, bouncy houses are THE item for quarantine. Put them in your garage during bad weather!

23. My favorite hat for Henry.

28. Henry was given one of these books for his 3rd birthday and it’s still one of his FAVES.

29. There’s already a children’s book about COVID!

32. Henry’s new favorite helmet (RIP Nemo helmet!)

For Tweens & Teens:

The tween/teen category is straight up terrifying to me, but this year I consulted with AN ACTUAL REAL LIVE TEENAGER who basically explained that everything that was cool in the 90’s is cool now. GO figure.

1.These Liberty print track shorts are for adults, but I feel like teen girls would dig them.

4. Apparently these wearable blankets are a THING??

5. I do not get the overside hoodie thing, but it’s a guaranteed win.

6. And for boys, sweatpants. This generation likes to be cozy.

7. Also apparently a BIG BIG thing is LED strip lights for their rooms.  2020’s version of christmas lights?

Apparently I forgot to number a few of these (hahahhahaha), gold hoops are big, earbuds, of course and record players (???)

13. You know how I feel about tie dye, but here we have it.


In case you missed it I’ve also done FOR HER and FOR HOME!


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