May 12, 2021

Head Down….

Photo by Michael J. Lee

Or head in the sand? :) I’m not sure which it is right now to be honest.

This paper will always make me laugh, I love a client with a good sense of humor.

As I mentioned today in stories, this week has been a doozy, we are absolutely swamped with work and it’s more crucial that I spend my work hours on my clients than writing a blog post. So here I am, again, apologizing for not showing up.  I know it’s ok, and understandable, but it doesn’t feel great either.

Anyways, one little tidbit I can share with you (and it’s why our jobs have all gotten much, much harder the past few weeks) is…. if you plan on wanting any furniture items for the holiday season- ORDER THEM NOW.  Lead times, especially for upholstered goods are unprecedented- most vendors are quoting 20+ weeks with some comically saying numbers that make no logical sense- like 40+ weeks.  It’s INSANITY. Even retailers like Crate and Barrel are saying 22-24 weeks for sofas.  So fair warning!


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