May 14, 2014

My Renovation: The Laundry Room

We embark on our addition in the next week and one of the things I am so excited about is not having to go down to the icky basement to do laundry- because I’m gettin’ a laundry room, y’all! Now, this magnificent laundry room is the tiniest laundry room ever, but you know what? To me it’s life-changing! And I plan to trick out this little space so it’s a happy place to do a load of wash. Here’s the little drawing: laundry

Of course I’ve been looking for inspiration and come across some BANANAS laundry rooms- like this one. Which is the size of my kitchen (maybe bigger):


I love the wood shelves and counters in this one!

GLORIOUS. Clean and crisp just like I like my whites.

69366e2cc87f711309e362979624bfa8 That wallpaper KILLS me. So good! And I love the neat and tidy organization (and lovely little touches like art and flowers) in the one at right.


I mean, really? This is just too much! The grey Dutch door…the fun ceiling…. the marble… the sink and valance….


Can a laundry room get more stylish and adorable???


Not all drop-dead laundry rooms have to be HUGE though! This one tucked into a closet in a bathroom is stunning and streamlined!


I love the touches here- a great light fixture, curtains to cover the machines, the mirror and rug? This is how you make the most of your space on a budget!


How about the tile back splash and cabinetry inside this closet laundry space?


I’ve posted this one before from Bijou & Boheme- DROP. DEAD. AWESOME. It’s almost too good- I can barely stand it!


A bead board wall treatment painted dark grey makes for a lovely backdrop!


Here are my plans for my own new laundry room- tiny spaces are a great place to use wallpaper (kinder on your budget because you don;t need much) and add impact to an oft-forgotten space. gateslaundryroom 1. My dream is to use this Katie Ridder wallpaper that I’ve used for clients and have always wanted for myself. We’ll see if the budget allows it!

2.  The upper wall shelves (I’m thinking two simple bracket-less shelves) will be white MDF.

3. The countertop above the front-loader machines will be IKEA butcher block.

4. / 5. / 6. I love these beautifully bottled all natural spray starch, garment groom and bleach alternative (which has GREAT reviews!)

7. The floor tile I’m using throughout the laundry and mudroom/pantry- under $6 a square foot- from Tile Showcase.

8. On the wall opposite the machines I’ll put in a bunch of hooks for air drying clothes.

9. I love the idea of keeping laundry detergent, dryer sheets and other things in these glass jars instead of their own containers.

10. I want to paint the ceiling a pretty color- like Farrow & Ball’s Pale Powder.

11.  A fetching ironing board hung on the back of the door (love this one too!).

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