March 19, 2018

The Outdoor Furniture Set I’m In Love With.

We are doing a little back yard revamp this summer (some new bushes and plantings, trimming back some trees and swapping out some furniture). With a third Nor’easter in sight for us this month alone, it makes me feel like Elsa is real and has put a curse on our whole area of the country (side note: will I ever not have a Disney song stuck in my head ever again? I woke up this morning and said to Andrew “I’ve had “You’re Welcome” in my head for the past two days and he looked at me and said “”I was up all night singing “Love Is An Open Door”.) Bahahahahaha #toddlerparentlife

Anyways, when Else does decide to defrost her frozen heart, we WILL be enjoying our patio once again.  And there is nothing more chic and classic than a black and white patio.  I have my vintage Brown Jordan dining table and chairs I inherited from my grandmother (similar here although mine in rectangle).  And while I still love my Ikea chairs that everyone asks about (you can see them here in this post about my patio project) , they are getting a little janky and they aren’t made any more (so dumb).  So I’m looking for some inspiration for our little facelift.  I love how black and white lets nature be the star of the show and the pop of color.  Green plantings look perfect paired with crisp black and white.

So when I saw this new collection from One Kings Lane I felt VERY inspired.  I love the old school classic lines and the small brass details on all the pieces.  Maybe it’s time to upgrade my IKEA chairs to something from here? Hmmmm.  Not to mention this whole set looks mighty fine with my black and white Beacon outdoor rug! :) While I don’t have room for a sofa on my patio, I do love the loungers in the plaid!  Patio furniture is the one exception to my “no furniture sets” rule.  While I couldn’t do it top to bottom, I think it’s nice to have some matching furniture on patios to keep things simple and sleek.  In this case, I would have a different dining set and coffee table on my patio, but would get chairs and loungers that matched.



Until then…..


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