February 8, 2021

Things I Saw And Liked

Card via Sapling Press

Guys, I’m struggling. I know you are too. Trying to get everything done that needs to get done plus maintain a sunny disposition during this never-ending hellscape has proven to be a bit too much lately.  I’m constantly a mix of tired and anxious, and my focus has taken a beating.  We are SO lucky to be busy, and my to-do list is one many would like to have, don’t think I don’t see and know that- it just feels like scaling a mountain everyday, when simply getting out of bed takes effort knowing that things have not improved much with the pandemic.  The light at the end of the tunnel feels more far off than we expected it be at this point.  Especially for moms- whether working or home with the kids trying to get them to focus on Zoom school- or BOTH-  we are all feeling the burnout particularly strong, I think. This NY Times article was such a good read- it helped me feel a little less adrift.

Emma turns 8 months today, and she’s only ever seen one other real human baby (form 6 feet away). That makes me sad, and worried. All those cute classes we all did with Henry, the social stimulation and growth that happens–I wonder what the long term effects will be. This is a long way of saying my mind is pre-occupied with my kids, my business, moving and so the blog has been a real struggle.  Work on my house is moving slowly now that it’s in my hands (wallpaper hopefully going up soon though!) so those updates will come., but for right now we’re taking a mini-breather as we settle in.  I know I’ll get comments about how I should stop “complaining”, but I hope that everyone sees that no matter who you are, this is a shitty time.  Some have it much worse than others, but let’s be kind with each other, ok?

So here are just some things I’ve seen around the web and liked. Simple as that. I can’t wait for the day when I’m feeling a bit more inspired. Click images for links.


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