October 31, 2016

What We’ve Been Up To

Another crazy weekend (we flew to Chicago, apparently to bring the Cubbies bad luck) and got back late last night.  So I thought a nice easy post for me (and maybe an interesting one for you) would be to talk about my second book.

A lot of you have asked to see our new projects, and as it was before the first book, we are on lock down as far as sharing imagery.  What people loved about my first book is that so many of the images were ones no one had seen before.  I think that is so important when bloggers do books, otherwise people feel a bit cheated.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t share little sneak peeks here and there (mostly on my Instagram).  So I thought I’d round up some shots here to give you a taste of what’s coming (May 2018– I know, it’s far away, books take a LOOOOONGGG time to produce and then print! Especially when you have a Henry, as it turns out.)

Since becoming a mom (and having 90% of my clients be families with small children) I decided that I wanted this book to be about family homes. But having the focus on not having to sacrifice style to have a house that functions well for busy, messy, complicated families.  A lot of the books I’ve seen on this topic show homes that have more of a fancy Montessori school vibe.  But that’s not how my clients live– they have beautiful things, but we use various materials and types of decor to make sure everything is durable easy to clean and won’t split anyone’s head open. BUT, we also like to make sure the parents have their own special places too where kids aren’t the focus.  So this book will be a celebration of family spaces AND parent retreats.  Plus some stories about my experiences as a new mom, a working mom and a blogger mom. :)

So here’s a little round up of details and progress pics from our current projects

An entry way and one of my favorite powder rooms ever


What will be the most stunning dining room int he country and a family room detail in a city home.


Gorgeous honed Danby countertops in a new kitchen and progress on another kitchen we are working on (this is just the butler’s pantry!)


A neutral nursery and the most bad ass powder room sink out there.


A fun family room and a bold, blue den.


Another incredible powder room and a spectacular light fixture (this one won’t be int he book, but we hope you’ll see it in a magazine this year!)


A basement playroom in progress and a fun powder room


A happy sunroom seat and a modern entry table


I also plan to feature the work of some other designers- unique spaces that I love that fit into this theme of living stylishly with kids.  I am taking some submissions- so if you are a designer and have a really fantastic space or two that has NOT been published please send to me at erin@eringatesdesign.com with the subject line “BOOK 2 SUBMISSION”.

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