October 15, 2014

Everything’s Bigger in Texas!

We landed yesterday morning at the airport after waking up at 4 a.m. for our flight and I literally became an amnesia patient… “Where are we?? What day is it??”  This has been a whirlwind, and while we are both exhausted, these parties have been magnificently energizing and inspiring for me.  Meeting so many of you and hearing about your lives really has lit a fire under my ass to re-commit to the blog in a big way once this is over.  Not that I’ve been uncommitted, but after almost 8 years of doing this the burnout is real (as you’ve seen lately with a lot of big time bloggers calling it quits).  But let me assure you, I’m not going anywhere. Especially after this experience!

I was excited not only to meet my Dallas readers, but also get to see Wisteria’s only store!  I order from them all the time for clients and myself- namely my new bedroom nightstands I adore- so to get to see ALL the goodies from them in person was awesome for me! What a gorgeous store!

First the outfit- since this was daytime in Texas I went a mix of fancy (the shoes), casual (the jeans and tank) and business (jacket and pearls). I look so damn tired and awkward here but whatevs.

photo 1-65

Jacket: Ann Taylor // Tank: Calypso // Jeans: J Brand // Pearl necklace: J.Crew // Amulet Pendant: Temple St. Clair (thanks Mom & Dad!) // Shoes:  Valentino // Bracelet: Banana Republic (best buy ever- looks so pricey- but 30% off today!) // Since someone had asked, my beloved curling iron is this one. Never leave home without it.

And some of my favorite vignettes from the store- you can look for all the products on their site.

photo 2-67

photo 3-46

photo 4-42

I spec’d these for a client in Long Island and it was so nice to see them in person- gorgeous!

photo 1-66

My parents have this coffee table in their beach house and many people commented on it on instagram- at the time, it was no longer available, but now it’s BACK!

photo 5-36

In our beach house:

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 8.15.50 AM

LOVE this lucite bookcase, especially with more antique, textural objects on it!

photo 3-47

They featured some local jewelry I loved too!

photo 4-43

OK, off to Houston!!!!!  Don’t forget to order the book if you haven’t (or check your local Barnes & Noble!)  Signed copies are also for purchase at some of the signing stops I’ve been at so you can pop into Canvas Home, Furbish Studio, Ballard Designs or Wisteria to get one if you missed a signing!

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