November 16, 2016

My Favorite Paint Colors for 2017

Paint colors are always the number one questions you guys seems to have, and I think that’s because picking paint is really difficult! Luckily, repainting rooms isn’t the most expensive or hardest thing to do so taking a risk isn’t as scary as say, wallpaper or a sofa fabric! But you still want to love it and make sure it’s a color that looks timeless, whether it’s fun and bold or soft and soothing.
This coming year I’m seeing a lot of greens, blues and warm-based neutrals.  I’m kinda done with cold greys and more into those warmed up with a little brown.  I also see dark brown making a bit of a comeback- but in this case, cooled down with a touch of grey or mixed with a smidge of red/purple to make it extra rich!

An example of a light, perfect neutral with gray and beige tones (BM Silver Satin as well as SW Modern Gray, BM Balboa Mist, BM Athena)


A light taupe (SW City Loft) is so warm and yet fresh, especially paired with a creamier, but not yellow trim (SW Alabaster).


And a medium grey is always useful, like Sherwin William’s Knitting Needles


A grown up pink wall will always delight me- Pink Ground from F&B is a perfect choice (or BM Blanched Coral)


I’m loving complex colors like the green/blue/grey of Ben Moore’s Intrigue.


And the moody, library-like deep greens with a touch of grey like Ralph Lauren’s Quatrefoil (perfect to off set gold accents and rich leather).


A deep navy is never going to be out of style, and right now Sherwin William’s Naval is a favorite- it’s super dark and rich.


Now I am not a red person, I never use red on walls EVER.  But right now I am having a thing for this super crisp, modern orange-y red from the Ben Moore Williamsburg Collection! Who knew!?


Another suprising favorite is this incredibly rich brown with a touch of purple and grey in it, Silhouette from Ben Moore.  I think we all want to feel enveloped by coziness right now and this color is like a big bear hug (and pairs well with lots of accent colors like chartreuse, light blue and canary yellow!)


A solid dark taupe is a staple these days- not grey, not brown– but right in between. Like Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray. Great for cabinetry and walls!


As you saw in my previous post, I repainted my guest room a light grey-green (Farrow & Ball’s Cromarty featured in my palette above).  It’s AMAZING. So much depth and such a soothing backdrop to greys, gold and crisp white!  And to paint the room I used Paintzen after a trusted fellow Boston design blogger suggested it. YOU GUYS, it’s like Uber for painting your house!  It was phenomenal. I went online, filled in info about my room and the paint color I wanted and BAM- a super nice, talented painter showed up days later and did an amazing job for a REALLY affordable price (about $500 for a medium sized bedroom).  And I didn’t even have to talk to anyone, which I hate (I have this weird thing about not liking to use my phone for speaking- I won’t even order food on the phone! How weird am I???). But seriously, it’s so amazing for the design obsessed who don;t have a go-to painter and are eager to make a big change on the quick!   Give it a try for 10% off with the code ELEMENTSOFSTYLE10!


And please share any current favorite colors you’ve used!  It’s great to hear from those who have tried, tested and succeeded! :)

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