January 27, 2017

Fashion Friday: Outfits for the Office That Don’t Suck

Ask and you shall receive! I asked on Facebook yesterday for some suggestions regarding Fashion Friday and a bunch of people asked for work outfits that were easy to put together but looked great. So I pulled together looks based on basic work attire- suits, skirts, black pants, dresses and casual Friday (or for a more laid back office that allows denim). I hope this inspires you when getting dressed for work next week (bold words are the links!)

You can’t go wrong (on nearly any body type) pairing a slightly fitted button down with a pencil skirt .  For those in a hurry, look for non-iron button downs instead, but this chambray top paired with some swingy earrings in a matching bold color and a big resin cuff says you are fun but still ready for business. The zebra heels are the extra kick of awesome. Top with a classic trench!


There is nothing wrong with some great fitting black pants (slightly cropped to show off cool heels like these tasseled ones) paired with a fitted colored sweater and a bold necklace (jewelry is your BEST friend when dressing for the office- a statement necklace or earring can take a very basic look up ten notches!).  Also this coat is kind of everything (and great with denim on weekends).  And the bag is big enough for paperwork and your laptop but also edgy with it’s gold studded strap.


Okay, I had two looks I loved here so I did both- a tweed sheath dress paired with opaque tights and booties (make sure the heel is black not wood, which is too casual for this look) and another big statement Marni necklace (from a great secondhand source I LOVE!) OR, for when it turns a bit warmer- this stretchy white sheath (comes in navy, black and olive too and also TALL sizes!) with another big chunky necklace (told you- they are a game changer) and tall leather boots.  Also, this bag is from yet another consignment site I’ve been trolling- this bag is my d-r-e-a-m.


Suits are tough, I admit.  And I’ve never had a job where I’ve had to wear one.  But I feel like channeling the French is never a bad route to go so I paired this classic navy suit (jacket & pants) with a striped bodysuit (totally your friend when dressing in a suit as it feels and looks less bulky).  Tie on a scarf instead of a necklace and pair with some sexy heels and a chunky gold bracelet and swingy earrings.  Bonus if you can have a little fun with your work bag- this one is basically a briefcase, but the styling and blue suede make it so much more interesting.


Ahhhhh, we’ve reached casual Friday!  I love this look- ladylike and smart but also really cool. A tweed cropped jacket (J.crew seems to have taken it off the site since last night???) with a silk cami, dark tailored denim, tortoise specs and a long faux pearl necklace can take you just about anywhere.  These are my current favorite flats to wear to meetings- adorable and feminine. Oh and this bag? BIG, roomy and slightly Chanel-ish. :)


Hope you all have a great weekend!




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