February 24, 2017

Fashion Friday: Current Family Faves

A few current favorites from our family that make us all happy!


  • I am a striped shirt connoisseur and this one by Kule is awesome. I live in striped shirts and jeans in spring.
  • I love to dress up said striped shirt with these fun bold earrings OR my “must have” tortoise link necklace and Heirloom cross studs (that I never take off!)
  • I got a sample of Clean’s Blonde Rose perfume at Sephora and seem to reach for it every day and am going to order it.  It’s a really unique scent that is both rich AND light somehow.
  • Deborah Lippmann’s Brand New Day gel nail polish is perfect for busy gals who use their hands a lot- long lasting and just makes your nails look healthy and “done”.
  • I get more compliments on my Cuyana oversize bucket bag than any other purse I own (someone assumed it was Louis Vuitton even!), so I’d like to pick up this style for summer. Their bags look so expensive and are insanely durable too.
  • My favorite Racer jeans are perfect for warmer weather with their just-above-the-ankle length.
  • I am obsessed with my M. Gemi Felize loafers and am on the waitlist for this rich cognac color. They always sell out in a matter of days when they restock, so you know they are good. They feel like slippers, but look like a preppy New England staple worth twice the price!


  • Andrew LOVES his Bonobos button downs and this new version with stretch is great for weekends too.
  • Like most men, Andrew things spending over $100 on jeans is moronic– but he was struggling to find any he loved.  So we went to Nordstrom to try on some and he loved these AG jeans so much he then ordered two more pairs a week later!
  • I’ve never seen Andrew buy something over and over again like this Neutrogena Hydro Boost.  A great option for guys as its lightweight for stubbly faces but really hydrating.


  • I DIE over Henry is this Vineyard Vines sweatshirt.  You may have seen his adorable Instagram outfit the other day…(cut to Andrew looking at me in horror “You sent $75 on a sweatshirt for a baby?”) Yes, yes I did and its GLORIOUS.
  • In that pic he is also wearing these jeans. Which we have two pairs of- the are the perfect fit but he’s still comfy as they stretch a lot!
  • Also ALWAYS on his feet are these Converse Chuck Taylors. I can barely stand how cute he looks wearing them.
  • Currently, our favorite thing seems to be trucks/cars/wheels and we love The Little Blue Truck. :) The illustrations are adorable and I love reading it to him.

We’re off for our first weekend away without Henry- two whole nights. I am feeling like I am about to flip my lid with anxiety and sadness. HELP!  I hope you all have a great weekend (and I am able to enjoy mine– but will most likely be sitting in a spa flipping through pictures of him while crying).

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