March 1, 2017

Our Perfect Country Weekend


Last weekend Andrew and I took a whole weekend away. Alone. We have not been away for more than one night from Henry since he was born and it was about time.  We needed to relax and be alone and focus on us as a couple for a little bit. But I didn’t want to be TOO far from Henry quite yet, so we chose to go to a part of Connecticut I had not been to but had read and heard a lot about- Litchfield County near New York.  And we got to stay at The Mayflower Grace, which I had blogged about wanting to go to FOREVER ago (in 2009 to be exact) and is 2.5 hours from Boston and just over an hour from NYC.   The images that caught my eye and heart specifically were of the spa (above, which met every expectation).  I adore how this property mixes old New England charm and modern sensibilities.

We got massages in the spa, which were AMAZING.  Equally amazing was time spent relaxing here looking out at nature with just some magazines to read and tea to sip!


Hands down the most beautiful spa I have ever been to. From top to bottom.


The indoor pool (I forgot my darn bathing suit! ARGH!)


There are great workout classes and yoga and such to really get you all blissed out.


Our room was charming and old school– and since it was 70 degrees out (???) we got to sit on our private patio and open the two sets of french doors to let the breeze in.


Each room looks a bit different…. but all very quintessential New England traditional.


This image is from one of their suites. DROP. DEAD.


The main inn building is wonderful too– fires always going, a great bar and restaurant we ate at both nights (super delicious) and kind, courteous staff.


And a great patio that was enclosed for winter (I swear I took a picture, but guess not so this one is borrowed from Quintessence!)


The exterior in springtime. We’re already planning to go back in the warmer weather!


A few minute drive down the road is a little village called New Preston. Do not be fooled by how tiny it is, every single shop there is INCREDIBLE. Even Andrew was amazed.  I was basically losing my mind.

J. Seitz is an awesome blend of home and fashion, everything with a soulful, cozy vibe. Think leather, wood, bohemian clothing, lots of furniture from Cisco Brothers and some antiques too.





Next door is Pergola, which is exactly how you want your house/greenhouse (hypothetical greenhouse that is) to look like. Gorgeous plants, pots, garden accents, home accessories, art and gifts. I bought a gorgeous pot that I can’t wait to fill in the spring.





And  right down the street is Privet House, a mecca of amazing homewares, furniture, antiques, apothecary items and accents. I was kind of dying (and certain that my life would be vastly improved by dousing everything I own in this room spray that basically smells like good taste, if good taste had a scent).  I want to carry it in my purse and spray it wherever I go, but that would make me look like an insane person.





We then ventured out to Kent, CT to check out a couple other shops- namely RT Facts.  We got there and I knew this was a special spot.  The exterior is piled with incredibly finds from stone figures to outdoor furniture and antique doors.  Unfortunately no one seemed to be there.  So cut to me running around the three buildings absolutely bereft that I couldn’t go in.  And then I found that the doors were unlocked (which was confusing/awesome).  So I popped in to take some pictures and go BANANAS over every inch of the spaces.  Like this nook filled with carved wood pieces. Why would you need them? No reason other than to hang in a group like this for its pure awesomeness!


Huge marble fireplaces, busts and architectural details filled one of the buildings.


This is just a pile of awesome- from the iron doors to the stone remnants and mini greenhouse.


The blue of this antique cabinet was stunning, as were these vintage wood doors!


GAH!  I was literally screaming over the beauty of this place. Andrew can attest to that.


The main shop was locked (booooo) so I had to take snaps through the windows.


Andrew casing the joint :)


A gorgeous iron bench that would be lovely in a garden!


So many stone doggies. This pair of golden retrievers was INCREDIBLE ( and probably cost more than a Honda!)



(This was the best grilled cheese I think I have ever had-and I’ve had them all- from 109 Cheese and Wine.)


Ok, back to New Preston. I did not take my own pictures in Plain Goods shop, because I was kind of freaking out over how perfect it was. And how I wanted to burn everything I owned and replace it all with only linen, cashmere, rustic wood, raffia and white paint.  I am pretty sure I blacked out and emerged 30 minutes later with some expensive perfume and a cashmere scarf I absolutely did not need.




They also carry baby stuff. Incredible baby stuff that makes one think “$160 isn’t too bad for a cashmere kimono cardigan, right? I mean, it’s kind of a staple?” (ha) If only Henry could be swatched in fine linen and cashmere and only play with Alpaca fur teddy bears!



Stop it with these bibs.


The women’s, men’s and home selections also make you want to be a better person, basically.  You know, only wear the perfect trench while eating organic soup out of perfect, simple bowls and dabbing your mouth with crisp striped linen napkins (not dripping Cambell’s soup on a ratty sweatshirt and mopping it up with a paper towel a la moi.)




For those who love fine antiques, there are so many places in Woodbury to stop as well.

IMG_8769 IMG_8771

One place that is a must visit, if only for appreciating high end woodwork and antiques as well as the GORGEOUS property its on, is Mill House Antiques.  What a spread! My parents have the most beautiful yew wood dining table from here.


This Greek Key mirror was a stunner!


They also have fine rustic antiques too if shiny mahogany isn’t your bag :)


I highly recommend this area for a weekend visit for those in the area!

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