April 5, 2017


Somehow, someway this week marks my ten year anniversary of blogging. A DECADE of my blathering and pontificating on all things design, fashion and life. 3,202 posts to be exact if you can believe it!!!  Starting as a clueless 27 year old with NO idea what to do with her life to now- an established designer with a legit business, a New York Times bestselling book (and another in the works), product lines, a BABY, a house and more amazing projects under my belt than I ever thought possible- I am rendered pretty speechless when looking back over the past ten years.

I never really take the time to step back and admire at what has happened over the past decade, but HOLY HELL, what a ride!!!! It’s actually pretty amazing.  And I feel so lucky and so content with what I have built that I can be nothing but filled to the brim with pure gratitude today. It hasn’t been easy, I’ve worked hard to build this life, but it has been fulfilling, inspiring and fascinating.

I’ve been trying to think about my favorite posts and moments from over these 10 years– beyond all the design posts (mine, others, fashion, interiors, exteriors…), so many of the biggest moments in my adult life have been chronicled here.  From my first post (followed by months and months of posts with 1-2 comments) to….


*Being on the cover of the Boston Globe Magazine (no other press has been as game changing as this feature- its how I found Lindsey, whose been with me 7 years, to MANY of my clients for years!)


*My apartment being on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens!


*This gut-spilling essay that got such amazing response (and was bought and published by Ladies Home Journal and also helped land me a book deal….) That pic tho….


*Buying my first real house!


*Meeting Oprah (!!!!!) , speaking at her conference, filming an ad for O and Ikea in LA and being in O Magazine.


*Revealing the cover of my book and the insane turnout for my launch party.



*My book tour, which will go down as one of the most incredible experiences Andrew and I have ever had in our lives.


*Finding out the book was a NY Times bestseller. Still a WTF concept I can’t grasp.


*Announcing my pregnancy after years of infertility. And Oliver’s EPIC side-eye (which was telling, as he still dislikes Henry immensely)


*Announcing Henry’s birth (also revealing his nursery).

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 8.42.47 PM

*Debuting my product line (I am told all new spring pillows will be back available to order today).


*Investing in my business and renovating our new studio (reveal to come soon!!!!) and hiring more people to work for me.

What’s next????

I have a lot in the works- the second book, some really amazing design/product projects and hopefully someday soon a second child. A makeover of the blog and logo is in the works. And maybe a new house to renovate someday soon. And more incredible homes to design for others and fun blog posts to write!  I will continue to reach for the stars and feel so in awe of all the incredible blessing bestowed upon me (a combination of hard work and luck, for sure).

I’m curious what have been your favorite posts? What keeps you reading? How did you find me? What do you hope to see from EOS in the next 10 years (because I ain’t going NOWHERE).  People say blogging is dying and being watered down, but I think it is still a very vibrant, powerful way to discuss, share and market ones self and business.

I love this little community I’ve managed to create and I am forever grateful to you for your support, your time and your ideas, opinions and comments.  Deciding to start this blog CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER.  I cannot even imagine who I would be had I never had the guts to do it.  I don’t want to.   The life I’ve got is a gift.

And you better believe I’m going to throw a party to celebrate this milestone (and our new amazing studio). Stay tuned. :)

Love & Respect,






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