January 26, 2018

Fashion Friday: Items I Reach For Daily

I was so excited to get your suggestions last night on Instagram for Fashion Friday posts.  I’m going to keep revisiting the list this year and try to hit on everything you guys requested.  I’m always looking for ideas for posts- so DM me or comment any suggestions for any kinds of posts you want to see this year!

Today I’m sharing the items that I reach for on a daily basis and buy again and again or in multiples because they are such staples in my closet.  Some items are investment pieces, some aren’t expensive at all.  What matters is that they work for me and I find them to be of great quality no matter the price point.

  1. My daily tote. Fits absolutely everything I need in it. I had mine monogrammed.
  2. I love this eyeshadow palette. Perfect neutrals to create a simple or smokey eye all in one spot.
  3. I’ve been using this affordable retinol cream nightly and I really like it.
  4. The jeans I reach for most of all my pairs.
  5. I love Natori’s underwear- both the bikini and thong style.
  6. Leopard heels– these have a comfy block heel too which makes them more comfy..  Leopard flats too. Basically a leopard shoe makes me feel better about my whole life.
  7. My M. Flynn x Erin Gates Heirloom earrings. Rarely not on my ears.
  8. The J.Crew sweater blazer in this color or black. polished but comfy.
  9. A. Ruby’s white button down is PERFECT. Really. I have three.
  10. This is the updated version of a Tory Burch crossbody I have that I always love to carry when I don’t need a big bag.
  11. When it’s warmer, I love to wear white jeans and a Tory tunic all the time. Takes you everywhere.
  12. I’ve been liking this YSL foundation a lot- good coverage but not cakey.
  13. La Mer- worth the investment. Love how it makes my skin feel during winter months.
  14. M. Gemi loafers. Stupidly comfortable.
  15. I wear a version of this horn chain link necklace ALL the time.
  16. These Spanx leggings are my faves.
  17. I have a version of these boots that I adore. Tall enough so your jeans tuck in (the jeans above are the best for booties) and a small heel for height but comfy all day.
  18. My Moncler Khloe coat in dark green is a new purchase and I don’t regret it one bit, despite the astronomical price tag. The belt makes me feel less like a sumo wrestler and it’s so freaking warm and light. It’s now sold out everywhere it seems, but I’ve seen some listed on eBay.
  19. I freak out when I’m out of this brow pencil. All those years I tried to make my brows skinnier (WHHHHYYYYYYY)  has left them a little patchy and this makes them look pretty perfect.
  20. My one inch clip-less curling iron. Makes long lasting beachy waves (that is, when I actually have time to do my hair).
  21. Also a “must always have in my vanity” product- Oribe Dry Texturizing spray.
  22. Margaux’s block heel is flattering on the foot and comfy (and comes in every possible size imaginable- narrow, wide, even custom)
  23. My Two Penny Blue Lennox blazer.
  24. My fave Gap sweatshirt that I have six of (insane) and get compliments on all the time.  It’s on sale now and not many left sadly.


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