March 21, 2018

Artist Crush: Holly Frean

I stumbled across British artist Holly Frean the other day while flipping through Instagram. I absolutely love the grouped small works she does.  They look so amazing when framed like this below (via Blueprint Store where you can find her work!):

Her animals would be absolutely INSANE in a child’s room (albeit quite fancy for a child!)

I love this homage to Matisse– there is one for sale still too (but in England, alas.)

The black and white versions of her pieces are great as well. So graphic, but yet intricate and soft too.

The smaller four piece works are fantastic- so unexpected.

This is a collection of women artists, done playing card style ( a format she uses often).

And she also does work on plates as well.  And has quite a fascination with chickens :)

You can find affordable prints of her work on if you can’t spring for an original (which are pretty hard to find)

Or shop her Etsy store where you can buy these adorable side plates!!!

I am partial to the zebra and crocodile.

Holly also did an amazing line of fabric and wallpaper with Andrew Martin (available at Kravet here in the States)

I love seeing her original paintings they used for the fabrics…

I just used this fabric for roman shades for a nursery in Connecticut and it looks SO GOOD. :) It’ll be in book 2, can’t wait for you to see!

That’s all for today. It’s been a crazy week and I’m a little short on blogging time!


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