April 4, 2018

A Royal Wedding Party!

As I’ve mentioned before, when I guessed what Meghan Markle’s dress would look like,  I am pretty jazzed about this royal wedding situation.  A few details have been released, which is making me even MORE excited, because it seems the royal couple are after a slightly more relaxed, English garden kind of look for their big day versus the big to-do that was the Kate and William celebration.

The florist for the wedding will be Philippa Craddock, whose work is amazing.  I love the looser, organic feel of many of her arrangements.

And the chef responsible for the cake is Violet Bakery’s Claire Ptak.  Her cakes are also more organic in design and decoration and certainly less carefully detailed than what one might expect from a “royal wedding” cake.

I picture it maybe looking like this?  Or is this way too casual?

I will certainly be up watching at 7 a.m. EST on the day and thought it would be fun to pull together some ideas for a viewing party! Hey, how often does an American actress marry into the British royal family? Invite some pals over and revel in all the details!

  1. Serve coffee or tea in vintage teacups– matching or mismatched!
  2. Speaking of tea, Fortnum & Mason is a royal favorite, and this blend is aptly called “Royal Blend” (plus the tin is so pretty!)
  3. Looking for a more celebratory beverage? Mini prossecco bottles will do the trick, mixed with OJ or not!
  4. I mean, who hasn’t wanted an excuse to wear a fascinator?
  5. A fun sparkly sign, cuz why not?
  6. A headband version of a fascinator. Perfectly acceptable with your pajamas, I say!
  7. Of course, you also want to have some tiaras at the ready.
  8. Grab some garden inspired florals that approximate the look of the Royal florist from Farmgirl Flowers!
  9. And whip up some scones, of course!
  10. These are my favorite jammies. Great with a tiara.
  11. A proper copper kettle.
  12. Pretty paper napkins.
  13. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can serve mini “naked cakes” like those seen at Violet Bakery.
  14. A cozy striped tee (with a little heart!)
  15. Fancy slippers to keep your toes warm early in the morning.
  16. Sweet wedding themed treats.

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