September 26, 2018

Round Up: Home Accessories Under $150

Accessories can make or break a space.  Too many and things feel cluttered,  too few and the space seems unfinished. Finding a balance between is the sweet spot, and sometimes difficult.  One of the things we are asked to do over and over again by our clients is to accessorize the space properly once the furniture is in.

A few successful HomeGoods runs can get you off to a good start (we often start there too!), but be sure to mix it up and include lots of pretty books, things with patina and objects sourced from various places.  Here are some of my tips on accessorizing your space and a roundup of great items that don’t break the bank:

  • I always look for a mix of objects and items that vary in finish, scale, type and color.  Don’t buy 83 brass objects, it will look like you did it all at once and you want your home to look layered and collected over time.
  • If you do have a collection of something, display it together- say a ton of blue and white ceramic pieces.  I like to group these on top of a buffet or on a shelf.  If the items are all spread out it can look a bit funny.
  • Make sure to vary heights on tables, mantels and consoles.
  • When styling with bowls and other open vessels, I like to fill it with crumpled paper and then cover with preserved sheet moss.  I also love using sheet moss pieces in planters and topiary pots to finish them off.
  • I like to use one or two styles of picture frames in a space to keep things from looking mish-mash. For example, a brass frame and a faux tortoise frame. Or a black wood frame and a silver textured frame.
  • If you have a wood burning fireplace that doesn’t work, buy some simple andirons and stack birch logs in it to fill it and not make it such a dead zone.
  • Don’t be afraid to lean art or mirrors instead of hanging– the layered look is charming.

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What spaces do you find the most challenging to style? Coffee tables? Bookshelves? Mantels?  Share and I’ll do my best to address in future posts!

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