November 28, 2018


Guys are pretty tricky to buy for unless they have a clear cut hobby– so here is my best guess at items guys would like, with a little help from Andrew!

  1. Andrew has a sweater by this company he got years ago and still loves the most of all his sweaters. He wants this one this year, and if I can get the guy to wear a cardigan I will have succeeded in life.
  2. Andrew also said he really wants the virtual reality Oculus headset. I feel like it might be bad for our relationship though :)
  3. This tech portfolio is handsome and keeps all his stuff together in once place.
  4. Some super fancy noise cancelling headphones.
  5. A chic looking foosball table.
  6. These are Uggs but from the outside look more like a regular boot!
  7. I love the classic look of this Times watch– looks more expensive than it is. Also comes in black with gold!
  8. I know Andrew always appreciates a really nice bottle of scotch.
  9. This thing turns your grill into a pizza oven! When I met Andrew he owned a pizza restaurant so this would be great for him.
  10. A smokeless, moveable firepit/ grill! SMOKELESS!
  11. This is one bad-ass leaf blower. I kinda want it.
  12. The most elegant toolbox ever made.
  13. I am really interested in this sneaker brand– the new hot thing.
  14. These wallets are lined with game worn NFL jerseys (GO PATS!)
  15. Vintage style tees featuring our national parks for the outdoorsy guy.
  16. A timeless briefcase/ work bag.
  17. Did you know Snoop had a cookbook out? I didn’t!
  18. For the guy who loves watches, this is a beautiful book.
  19. Bonobos has a great selection of good looking golf and workout gear.
  20. This Nespresso machine has awesome reviews, comes in champagne color and it’s 50% off today!
  21. He probably won’t buy himself nice grooming products, so they make a  great gift. This new line looks lovely.
  22. This is the snowblower of Andrew’s dreams– electric start and HEATED HAND GRIPS!

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