January 4, 2019

Fashion Friday: 2019 Beauty Update

I like to start my year off by cleaning out my over-stocked medicine cabinet and vanity of products I no longer use or didn’t like and start fresh. I still strive to be one of those people who has fewer, better things all around, and beauty products are a great way to start that process. I don’t need 6 eye creams or 4 mascaras.  And while it’s tempting and fun to try new things, I need to stick with what works for me most of the time.  Less clutter, less CRAP in 2019! Hooray!  So here is my updates beauty regimen and stand-by favorites.


  1. This oil has SO much hype, and Allison in my office has it and agrees it’s amazing, so while it is hideously expensive, I did order it and will fill you in on my thoughts.
  2. I have been using this cleanser for over a year and I LOVE it. Also expensive, but fewer chemicals, smells like the spa of your dreams and really cleans your skin without drying it out at all.
  3. This mask/exfoliator is SO good.  You slather it on and leave for five minutes and then rub it around (it has a fine grain to it) to exfoliate and wash off.  It looks like you’ve had a 50 minute facial, I swear.
  4. Another one of the hyped up new products for 2019- this cream uses stem cell technology to do all sorts of good stuff for aging skin.  Instead of buying another jar of my stand-by La Mer, I’m giving this a try. Will report back!
  5. I love a really rich eye cream, and this old classic always fits the bill!
  6. I always am in search fo the best foundation with medium coverage and just bought this new Becca one and quite like it! Matte, but not drying, and rather natural looking.
  7. This is a new cult-favorite concealer, which is another thing I always am on the hunt for (still love my Wander Beauty one too).
  8. Speaking of Wander Beauty, I still am massively enamored with their mascara. I’m on my fourth tube.
  9. I love a good palette, and this one from Tarte is a great combination of neutrals, richly pigmented and under $40.
  10. This matte bronzer in Stonestreet is still my favorite, it has a little warmth to it so it doesn’t look “dirty”.
  11. A new blush favorite is Bobbi Brown in Slopes— it gives you the “I just went skiing” flush!
  12. This highlighter is great for evening- I bought the mini one as a little goes a LONG way and it takes up less room in my tiny makeup drawer!
  13. We all have a zillion glosses, so here are three of my faves- first, for a neutral glimmer, Fenty Gloss Bomb. So perfect.
  14. For a gloss without sparkle but lots of shine, I love this Bobbi Brown one in Nude. The perfect neutral- not too pink or beige.
  15. For a tinted balm, Bobbi Brown’s in Raspberry is a flush of natural color with only a little sheen.
  16. My new CVS find- this brow pencil is JUST as good as the $25 one I was buying at Sephora but is a delughtful $9.


I’ll be parked on my couch Sunday night Insta-storying the Globes Red Carpet and will have my full review here on Monday morning! Let award season begin!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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