March 13, 2019

Organzing Our Mudroom with Home Depot

As you all have seen from my features on the blog here, when we did our addition a couple years ago we were able to add a very small, but very important mudroom to our home.  This long narrow space offers us a large coat closet with sliding doors and a pantry (and small laundry room).  Adding this space to our home made the BIGGEST difference in how we function as a family, especially now that we have Henry. However, given the tight quarters and limited storage space, it can get disorganized and messy VERY quickly.  I also will be the first one to admit that I am NOT the most naturally organized person.  So I was happy when The Home Depot asked me to partner with them to help get my little space organized in a cute way. I haven’t gone totally Marie Kondo yet, although I am thinking we need to, but this was an easy, quick and relatively affordable way to utilize the space we have better and make it a little more attractive too!

This closet is a place where mittens and hats go to die, I swear– we were constantly losing things in the dark recesses and not maximizing the storage space effectively.  So I got these amazing lightweight bins for everyone in the family that fit perfectly on the top shelf and used a paint pen to label one for each member of the family (okay fine, I admit it, I got TWO bins for my insane scarf collection I seem to have amassed).

It has helped us keep track of everything so much better!  I also got this HUGE, awesome Colonial Mills basket for Henry’s coats, vests, etc. that always end up on the floor. I like that he can reach in and find what he needs himself, and it’s made of super durable indoor/outdoor material so muddy boots and wet mittens have no effect on it.   We also added one of my runners from my collection with Momeni on the floor (yers, they sell the whole line!)

We also keep our beloved Dyson cordless vacuum in here on a wall mounted charger which is SO awesome and one of my favorite purchases for the house.

We have this little nook area near the pantry that is now the “dog zone”- and I felt like we needed a pinboard for the stuff that we had been keeping in piles on the counter.

The pantry is relatively large, and things can easily pile up so I got a variety of baskets and bins to keep things separated– like coffee pods, snacks, baking stuff, light bulbs and Henry’s art supplies.

They all looks so cute, which actually HELPS keep on task with keeping everything organized.  I think I’m going to get even more of these cute wire bins- I like that you can see what’s inside easily, but it keeps everything tidy!

Here is everything I used to get my mudroom is tip-top shape- click each product for links:

I am also delighted that you can buy all my rugs from my collection with Momeni on the Home Depot website too! Click each rug to see all the available colors and sizes of each style:

**This post was sponsored by The Home Depot. All styling, product choices and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting those brands that keep EOS going!

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