April 12, 2019

Fashion Friday: I Just Wanna Be Comfy

Guys, I am BEAT from the tour and after 6 days of Spanx and dresses I am ready for some COMFINESS. But even when craving comfy, I still want to look reasonably presentable. So all I could muster today for the blog are some fave comfy-but-polished items that let you feel at ease without looking like you’ve completely given up. :)

  1. This jacket is cute and has a little edge but SUPER soft!
  2. My go to long cardilong cardi with a white tank and jeans- DONE.
  3. A loose top that looks super cute with white jeans and mules!
  4. Semi-wide leg jeans– because I don;t love how the super wide leg ones look on me.
  5. I FINALLY got a Dudley Stephens turtleneck– man those things are hard to come by! Now that it’s about to be spring. But this color looks sharp with white denim and a little tan!
  6. I have this WASHABLE cashmere sweater in the rust color and adore it. Fits great, easy to care for.
  7. Cute mules that give you a little lift without making your feet sore!
  8. This cashmere hoodie is like BUTTAH- no seriously, I was totally molesting it in the store. Such a good pink too!
  9. My most FAVORITE dress for summer– I have this is three patterns, now getting this one and a solid black. Flattering, comfy and cool.
  10. These boyfriend jeans are a good combo of loose and slim.
  11. A classic boyfriend-fit white shirt, but in a softer material– forever chic yet comfy.
  12. This tee looks special thanks to its little ruffle details.
  13. Ordered these Ugg sneaks because I can already tell they are going to be like clouds. And breathable.
  14. Can’t beat jeans and a Breton tee, guys! It’s basically my whole wardrobe in spring.
  15.  Bought TWO of these tops– they look like Ulla Johnson but for $60!!!
  16. The perfect tan slide– you can’t enter spring and summer without some.
  17. When in doubt- a big cashmere scarf/ wrap over a tee and jeans and some fun earrings and you are ready to GO.

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