May 6, 2019

A “Style Solutions” Before & After!

I was SO delighted to receive an email from one of our readers, Laura, whose space we chose for one of my “Style Solutions” posts, showing us how she actually implemented our design in her space!  How cool is that? You can read the whole post about our design ideas here, but here’s a refresher too- the before pictures:

Here’s the design we suggested (links in pervious post here)

This was our little sketch for a built in reading nook in the dead space next to the fireplace:

Here’s the note from the reader about how she approached the design we created with her own touches:

Erin’s design was just what we needed to make moves to renovate our living room! 

After I submitted the original pictures but before the blog was posted, we had purchased the leather chesterfield. It is amazing, but also enormous! Luckily, it still fit when we rotated it like the layout Erin did. I loved the Serena and Lily side tables, but I thought they wouldn’t get the attention they deserved thanks to the size of this massive couch. So, I selected these (Bexley Nesting Nightstand(s) from PB, but they appear to be no longer available- similar here) because of the height, and because the smaller nesting table slides forward to make it almost the whole depth of the sofa arm. The lamps are much larger in scale that I expected, but I think they are really perfect in that they balance the scale of the sofa as well. The art print is from Minted. I picked this one because my kids love to stand on the couch and put their fingers all over it, and this one is framed behind plexi-glass so I can windex it clean. I’ll have to save the art investment for the next house! I tried to capture the essence of the selected giclee print from OKL with an abstract landscape with a good amount of light grey + green.

The coffee table is from PB, and so are the chairs. I try to diversify from PB…really I do. (Why do I like it so much??) I went with the table because it’s round (no sharp edges), and also bulletproof. I have already cleaned glue, wine, and a sharpie drawing off of this, and someone uses it as a seat/footstool daily. I followed the advice of one reader and opted for swivel chairs. While I do love them because they provide extra seats for viewing the tv and are super comfy, they do cause me to say “Stop spinning the chairs!” at least 3x a day… but we are getting better at listening…I think. The girls do love the ‘reading nook’ and will pile in there with books and toys. My husband built the millwork portion, the cushion was custom from, and the baskets are from Container Store. The wall-mounted bookcase is from CB2. 

Erin, thank you so much! It has been so fun to see the design you put together, and also see the excited comments from readers and friends (and encouragement about painting the walls the dark color!). The wall color really makes the room, IMO. I hope you all like how it turned out!

And here is the renovated space!  How much better does this look??? I am SO happy she went for it and painted the walls the color we suggested (Benjamin Moore Rainy Day)– even though it’s a dark color, it managed to actually brighten up the room! I just LOVE how it came out! Great job, Laura!

The dark paint really makes these amazing beams stand out more.

How awesome to have a husband who can build this for you!? Way to go!

Her exisitng rug worked SO well with the new scheme, so there was a nice cost savings there!

This is just such a better use of the space! And I am loving the plaid on these chairs!

I still can’t believe these lamps are only $130 (the blue version is on sale now too for $118 here!)

Thanks so much for sharing the reveal pics with us Laura!

If you want to submit a room that is giving you trouble for our Style Solutions series email us at!

And if you have yet to attend a book signing for my new book and are in town next week, I’m doing one at Designer Bath in Watertown on May 15th! Sign up to attend HERE.








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