August 28, 2019

Inspired By: An All Neutral Antique/ Modern Mix

I saw this D. Stanley Dixon designed Atlanta home in the most recent Veranda (one of the few amazing home magazines still standing, RIP Traditional Home) and absolutely loved interior designer Amy Morris’ use of texture and tone to create a totally interesting and complex design, with almost ZERO actual color.   The other thing I adore is the juxtaposition of antique and modern pieces– a classic portrait painting and super sculptural modern table int he same room? YES PLEASE.

Also, take notice of those studded leather doors above and below– what an amazing detail.  In the sunroom below you can see there is only a hint of color- chartreuse- which in my opinion is THE best color with rich wood antiques and doses of black and white.

The shelving in this “scullery” kitchen kills me, it’s so beautiful. And the antique island with the marble top paired with the extra thick black surrounding counters is the perfect pairing. Also, note the mix of metals— SO MANY! And yet it totally works, right? And to think this isn’t even the REAL kitchen!

THIS is the kitchen– the painted white brick stove surround with the pot rack above is totally an homage to days of old– but then the light over the island is super modern. It’s pretty genius.

The butler’s pantry is so charming with it’s little skirted countertop area.

The eye-level brass trimmed fireplace is pretty amazing in the dining room no?

I love the clean lines of the stair railings too.

Those BEAMS!

This is the guest room, y’all. I’m dead. I would never leave.

This bathroom is impeccable- I love it all. But what I love best? It’s the HUSBAND’S bathroom- yes, they each have their own bathrooms. Talk about amazing.

Some items to help you get the look of this GORGEOUS house:

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