October 2, 2019

My Guest Room Makeover Reveal!

I’m so excited to finally share my guest room makeover with you guys!  When we decided to move Henry into the old guest room (which is larger), we knew we’d need to make his old nursery the guest room. After investing in the Susan Harter mural, I knew I didn’t want to take it down (and was part of the reason I chose it- because I knew it could transition into another type of room).  At the same time as I was thinking about what to do, Serena & Lily contacted me about opening a store nearby in Chestnut Hill, MA and asked if I wanted to partner with them on any sort of room makeovers! Um, YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU! And right now they are having their Friends & Family sale so everything is 20% off!

I decided to make this room UBER neutral and serene, a space that I can take a little “staycation” in with a stack of magazines and a glass of wine. :) First, I painted the room a deeper neutral, Ben Moore Cape Hatteras Sand (which came out a little more grey than I wanted, but it worked with the deeper tones in the mural) and took the pom pom trim off the drapes (I wanted to reuse them since they were custom made for this room)! I then selected this rug to complement all the neutral tones in the room and give a cozy feel underfoot.

I’ve always loved this Balboa bed, so I knew IMMEDIATELY that was what I wanted for this room. Being a small room, using a platform bed that is sleek but textured was the perfect choice. I paired it with this simple bleached white side table and fabulous arched table lamp (great for reading in bed).

Since the ceilings are low (a mere 7′ 4″) I used this AWESOME capiz flushmount that is big on style, but not in size! This original Kayce Hughes piece (one of my favorite artists to work with) looked SO good on the wall with its lacquered white bamboo frame. The bedding is sumptuous layers of texture and materials- giving guests lots of options of how much cover they want at night. BTW, this throw is the SOFTEST most amazing throw ever, comes in various colors, and would make an amazing holiday gift (especially at 20% off).

Their grasscloth wrapped dresser is a favorite of mine- I’ve used this collection of pieces in countless client homes as it goes with everything (I also have the double dresser in my master bedroom!) This white round mirror is also something we’ve used a few times, as it’s clean and modern but still very interesting- it weighs a TON though, so make sure you have studs in the walls for hanging!

I tend to always buy random chairs when antiquing and finally found a spot for this little bamboo baby I found years ago. A good spot in a small room for a guest to toss clothes or their bag. The art above is from Gregg Irby Gallery (by Kristen Blakeney – sister piece to this one still available actually!) and I had it framed locally at Abraxis Framing in a burl wood frame that I LOVE.

As a refresher, this is what the room looked like when it was Henry’s nursery (we actually added the white drapes over the romans after these were taken due to needing more light blocking!)

I loved this room :)  But just WAIT- we shot Henry’s new room this week and as SOON as I get the pictures back I will post here! Squeeeee!

I reused this bookcase in Henry’s new room- another piece that was a splurge that was WELL worth it.


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All photography by Sarah Winchester.

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