December 18, 2019

High vs. Low: Powder Room Design

A new powder room we just shot with Michael J. Lee, rest of the project we can show in the spring I hope!


I think powder rooms may be one of my favorite rooms to design because people are not afraid to do really bold, fun things! And usually we can use more expensive things like wallpaper because the rooms are so small. So I thought today I’d do two powder rooms with the same look, but at different budgets. I am assuming no windows and that there is wood flooring– if you would be needing flooring I’d happily suggest a checkerboard marble floor in dark grey and white like my new bathroom.

This is the higher end/ more expensive version- the vanity is custom finished and the top would be purchased separately.  Also, is it strange that I have a favorite toilet? It’s this one. :)

This room would cost between $11,685 and $14,685 with these finishes (minus labor, window treatments or floor)

  1. mural wallpaper  ($1,450-$2900 plus labor) 2. sconces ($529 each) 3. mirror  ($2,160)  4. Arabescato marble (price varies, assume $1,200- $1750) 5. Waterworks fixture ($2,013)   6. J. Tribble vanity (in the $3k range)   7. sink ($137)  8. Kohler Kathryn toilet ($666)

This is the more affordable version.  I’d replace the vanity hardware with the gold round knobs to give it a more elevated look, but it’s a great deal since it comes with the marble top and sink!  It’s a very similar look for 1/5-1/6th the cost of the first design.

This room would cost between $2,615 and $2,913 with these finishes (minus labor, window treatments and flooring)

  1. Anthropologie wallpaper ($298- $596 plus labor)  2. sconces ($292 each)  3. mirror  ($249)  4. faucet ($227)  5. vanity ($810 with Carrara marble top and sink included- )   6. hardware ($8 each)   7. toilet ($399)

What do you think? Is the first one worth the price? Or would you be just as happy with the second version?


P.S. A massive, heartfelt thank you to all of you who commented on my post on Monday. I was floored, and so touched, by all your emotional and meaningful comments. :)

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