December 4, 2019

GIFT GUIDES 2019: Under $100 For Everyone!

  1. Pop some flowers in this pretty crackle vase.
  2. This beachy shell platter is so beautiful for someone who lives by the ocean.
  3. A pair of my velvet pillows (available in several colors).
  4. This glam and easy to use wine opener.
  5. GIVE BACK: This gorgeous blanket provides employment for Ethiopian women for 4 hours.
  6. A painted serving bowl (lots of uses for this one!)
  7. I love the wicker wrap on this scented candle.
  8. Or perhaps one of the candles from my collection for under $20?
  9. This stone cheese board and knife is such a lovely little hostess gift.
  10. The packaging on this Annie Selke dog grooming collection is to die for cute.
  11. I am kind of obsessed with this wicker bottom picnic tote!
  12. An olive topiary in a pretty pot is the gift that will keep on giving (I’ve kept mine alive for 4 years!)
  13. I adore this modern bedside clock.
  14. For under $100 you can get this whole tray set!

  1. Everyone would love a set of Lake pajamas.
  2. A roller and facial gua sha tool (I actually want this).
  3. A neutral scarf.
  4. A wood-look water bottle (with straw!)
  5. I love (and have) this little set- colors work on just about anyone.
  6. A clean body butter trio.
  7. A journal for the voracious reader to keep track of what they’ve read or want to read.
  8. A faux fur pom pom hat.
  9. This yoga mat rolls up on its own and STAYS ROLLED!
  10. A pretty coin pendant necklace.
  11. How adorable is this crossbody with stripe strap (comes in many color options)
  12. Who doesn’t love a good fancy votive set?
  13. GIVE BACK: This sparkling wine gift set supports mental health counseling for at risk women in Los Angeles.
  14. My favorite personalized phone case!

  1. A classic shawl collar sweater.
  2. A set of long-flight golf balls
  3. Cool socks, of course.
  4. A pretty decanter.
  5. TB12 band set for resistance training (GO PATS!) – and these leather gloves are tech- friendly!
  6. A men’s edition Clarisonic.
  7. This water bottle links to your phone to make sure you drink enough water in a day.
  8. GIVE BACK: The potato chips in this crate were made from potatoes grown on vacant lots in Detroit and nurtured in a soup kitchen for the mentally and physically challenged. This helps support their project!
  9. I feel like we ALL need to read this book.
  10. A vibrating massage ball for tight spots.
  11. CBD balm for painfully dry skin.

  1. A good reminder for all kids (and us).
  2. I LOOOOOVE this cute handmade bear!
  3. Henry is obsessed with his Instax.
  4. GIVE BACK: When you buy one of these dolls, a doll is donated to a child less fortunate.
  5. This small trampoline is something Henry likes (and uses when stuck inside on snow days!)
  6. These building blocks are a huge hit in our house (I had them as a kid too!)
  7. Magnatiles are something all kids seem to love playing with.
  8. A Woody doll that talks.
  9. A personalized name puzzle.
  10. A soft indoor bowling set.
  11. An adopt a Labradoodle set, for those who want a dog but maybe aren’t getting a REAL one quite yet!
  12. This electro-dough kit seems like something super fun for kids of a variety of ages.

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