January 15, 2020

Roundup: Favorite Baskets for All Kinds of Storage

One of my most used accessories in a home is baskets. I love their flexibility and ease for various storage solutions. On bookshelves, in playrooms, mudrooms, pantries… anywhere really! They add such nice texture to a space and make it SO easy to tidy up and keep things separated from each other. Someone on Insta asked for basket round up and I thought it was a great idea, as I do have favorites. I also found some surprisingly affordable options that look expensive! A tip- use baskets with lids to really conceal clutter in family rooms where you also entertain!

Baskets for toy/kid storage:

I use baskets everywhere for homes with kids, including my own. It makes cleaning up toys a breeze- but you do have to do a monthly edit of each basket to locate smaller items/pieces and pare down your collections as they can get a little lost at the bottom sometimes!


Of note: I have #1 in Henry’s room in large and medium, but beware, the large is HUUUUUUUUGE. #6 and #8 are made of rope, so softer and more flexible. #9 is divided and so it is great for sorting toys! I have #11 in my family room and it keeps toys off the floor and is also SO  pretty!

Baskets for shelving:

When you have ample shelving, say in a built in or big bookshelf, using baskets is a great way to not only keep things organized but also hide clutter!


Of note: #8 is great for organizing your pantry where you WANT to see things inside the baskets!  We used the IKEA #11 and #12 in our office and in my basement for toys inside IKEA shelving (fits perfectly).

Baskets for plants/ trees:

I often plop my trees or larger plants in baskets (look for ones with plastic liners, or add one yourself along with a plastic tray at the bottom to keep basket dry!)

Of note: #2 is actually made of ceramic material, so totally waterproof! #7 is great for larger trees that are hard to move- the wheels make it so easy!

Baskets for general house clutter:

From organizing the pantry to keeping shoes all in one place in the mudroom- baskets are SO helpful.


Of note: I have #1 in my living room flanking the fireplace- a lot of you have asked about them. Henry likes to hide stuff in there- I once found a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I thought he ate! I also have #2 in my family room and put larger toys in it. #5 is great for a huge ottoman or under a square coffee table.  #10 we use a lot- they look great under an open console. #12 is for under the bed! I need so many of these!

Photography above by Michael J. Lee (1,5)  Sarah Winchester (2, 3) and Michael Partenio (4).

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