March 23, 2020

Helpful Supplies for Working/Teaching From Home

Since it looks like we will all be working from home and schooling our kids from home for the next few weeks (please, everyone DO IT so it’s only a few weeks not months), I thought some suggestions of some things that might help keep your stuff organized and therefore your mood up.


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TIPS: Get a real desk chair so you don’t hurt your back sitting in unsupportive chairs all day (or on your couch/ bed).  A good small printer/scanner is great to have on hand and easy to put away in a closet. Some cute desk organization supplies will help keep you little bits and bobs together and not spread across the dining table, and attractive to do note pads are always an upbeat accent. Some noise cancelling headphones help keep you focused and treat yourself to an awesome, happy coffee mug to drink your morning “work” coffee from.

Some home offices we’ve done- of course, not all of us have one (I don’t), so setting up a dedicated space to do your work is helpful.  If you have some of these accessories above you can store things away at the end of the day easily.


OK, this is the hard part. Who has space for a mini- school??? Not many. Most likely you’re setting up your kids to do school work at the dining table- so let’s make them each little moveable work stations.  A friend of mine got cute desk blotters for each kid to protect the table and define their space and each a basket to keep their supplies in.  I also love this little rolling cart that you can keep all craft supplies in/ pre-school supplies and then roll it right into a closet or corner of the room when not in use. I also like little caddies like these felt ones to keep everyone little items together. A white board calendar helps you plan out the week and chore charts help keep the kids aware of their household responsibilities in a cute/ attractive way.  I also think some cute, new notebooks and water bottles are a nice way to make them feel special.

Here are a couple spaces we did that are dedicated to kid activities or homework.

This is a really hard time for everyone and it’s incredibly scary on many levels- especially small business owners. So far, EGD still has some big projects to work on to keep us going, but we may be offering some smaller e-design spaces soon to keep us busy and employed.  If you’re stuck in your house and have some spaces you’d like refreshed, start taking notes :)

I’m going to blog as often as I can but if we lose our nanny it will be much harder. Follow me on Instagram, as I’ll try to ramp up posts there instead since they take less time. Stay healthy everyone, and STAY HOME!!!!


All images by Michael J. Lee.

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