March 20, 2020

Keep ’em Busy, Keep ‘Em Cozy

Today’s scheduled post was a sponsored post with Nordstrom about spring holiday looks for kids. Since the world seems to have imploded since agreeing to this post, we thought it would be better to change the topic to something  a little more relevant.  Nordstrom is discounting TONS of stuff 25% off right now, especially kids toys/ activities and clothes. As we hunker down and wait for this illness to subside, we have kids to entertain, teach and keep busy. And since there are no “dress up” moments right now, they can stay nice and cozy too (Henry calls all his sweatpants “cozy pants” and is delighted to be wearing them every day)  I picked a bunch of great items that are on sale (everything from a great cardboard playhouse and science kits to Mini Boden and Patagonia stuff all discounted!)  I know this is a hard time for everyone, it is for us too, and I hope that everyone can find methods and approaches to the “new normal” that help the days pass quickly and with as few temper tantrums as possible.

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Comfy Clothing

  • This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. All selections and opinions are my own. Thanks to these brands that keep EOS going!

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