March 13, 2020

Social Isolation, But Make It Fashion

I hope you are all staying safe and SOCIALLY DISTANCING yourselves!  I think it’s so important right now to stop day to day transmissions to keep this pandemic from hitting insane proportions. Take this seriously and STAY HOME.  However, staying home all day can be really trying, especially with little kids.  It’s hard to stay sane, but one of the things I like to do to keep myself from feeling gross and slovenly is to get dressed with purpose every day, even when staying home during times like these/ long snowstorms, etc.  I always find that it makes me feel better about myself to take a shower and put on an actual outfit.  Now, you don’t have to GUSSY UP to mind your toddlers or take conference calls from the couch, but wearing nice leggings or jeans with a cozy sweater and flats puts me in a better mood than staying in pajamas all day or workout clothes. I find it bad for my mental health.  So here are some great choices for being comfortable but also feeling like your day has purpose and definition.  And to those who can end their days with big glasses of red wine, I am so jealous.

Click images for links, except #2 which is here.


#1 is my faaaaaave sweatsuit. SO comfy and reasonably priced.

#2 is a legit message right now

#6 Slipper or flats? hard to tell! :)

#7 is the protection charm I wear almost everyday, feel appropriate now.

#9 and #10 are awesome options if you live somewhere warm. Loose and comfy and great with white sneaks or simple flat sandals.

#13 Dudley Stephens is 20% off today!

#14 and $15- spoil yourself with luxury hand soap and cream since you’ll be using them so much.


I’ll be blogging through this craziness- and posting a roundup list of good books you all have recommended/ I have read and trying to keep things light and entertaining as an alternative to the news,w hich is really stress inducing right now.  #thistooshallpass

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