April 10, 2020

Fashion Friday: At Home Self Care Products Worth Buying

It’s been a long week. And right now feels like this will never end. I’ve been trying to keep getting dressed in real clothes and putting on a little makeup to keep myself from getting too depressed and down.  I think it helps a little bit. And I think this weekend I need a little home spa time- I’m 31 weeks pregnant now and feeling it!  So I thought I’d share some fo the new products I’ve tried that I like and some great buys for basic at home beauty care, like nails and waxing- it’s getting dire!  Also am working on a post with my hair stylist about how to address hair issues at home like faded highlights, roots and giving your significant other / kids a trim without scarring them for life!

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Of note:

This first row of products is what I like to use to quickly feel like less of a slob in the morning, even though I’m seeing no one other than Andrew, Henry and Dee all day.

  1. Goof proof, hydrating and perfecting CC cream- a MUST try if you have not yet. I wear the medium tone and just rub it in with my fingers.
  2. The easiest gel cheek color to use. Spreads effortlessly, gives you a little flush. I like Dusk, Haze and Storm.
  3. Looooove this concealer (and how cute is the packaging??). Really covers with a light liquid formula.
  4. I’ve been wearing this in “Force of Nature” everyday as it’s a moisturizing, very pretty nude that feels rich but not sticky. Was wearing this gloss in my house tour video.
  5. I got a sample of this and I love it. Such a good natural looking but dramatic lengthening mascara with excellent separation.
  6. My nails, especially my toes, are looking SAD. I hate doing my own nails, but I need to. These super quick dry Essie polishes are looking like an excellent option for busy people.
  7. I might go too crazy with a cuticle cutter (I’m one of those people who loves to pick at their cuticales), but I need one .
  8. Toe separators make painting your own toes a lot easier.
  9.  These wax strips are a great, easy way to deal with facial hair- gentle and easy to use.
  10. These eye patches are a super quick way to give yourself a pick up. Just remember to take them off before your Zoom conference call.
  11. I’ve heard such good things about this 15 minute mask, so it’s on its way to me (Grace Atwood raves about it).
  12. I got a sample of this toner and I like it a lot so far- pregnancy + age + sun damage is making my skin look a lot spottier than it used to. Hoping this helps.
  13. Maelove is a new brand to me, and they sent me some products to try. I really like this face wash- it’s minty and refreshing and gets everything off without drying. And affordable too!
  14. This is a MUCH more affordable option to the Skincueticals CE Ferulic which I typically use and ran out of and didn’t want to pay $150+ for.  I’ve been using for about a week so no real noticeable results yet, but it has rave reviews.
  15. Another great at home wax kit for bigger jobs than just your upper lip :)
  16. I forgot how much I love this body butter, just ordered a nice big tube as my skins is feeling super dry lately.
  17. When I get a chance (which is not often) I try to take a quick bath with epsom salts to ease my aches– this is a great one!
  18. I got some of this for Xmas and it’s truly great- I love how soft my skin feels afterwards.

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