April 27, 2020

Inspired By: A Royally Gorgeous Home Office


I saw this image of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands’ home office last night and was like “oh, hello lovah”. Obviously, a home office in a PALACE is very different from normal people’s “work from home” style, but we can all use it to inspire a more luxurious work space within our own homes. Also, check out her husband’s home office– equally awesome with chartreuse upholstered velvet walls and those WINDOWS!  This is one stylish royal couple!

I used her office as inspiration, and put together a look that can be recreated by non-royals. :)

  1. Scenic mural wallpaper, even when it’s not from a super fancy vendor like deGournay, is still expensive. This source is in between affordable and hideously expensive. :)  To save money you could always do just one wall and paint the rest the gray color. There are also some interesting Etsy vendors (here and here) that make similar looking panels, but I can’t vouch for the product.
  2. I love how her trim and millwork is all painted dark grey– a good one to try with this tone of wallpaper is Ben Moore Kendall Charcoal (I also love Amherst Gray and Chelsea Gray).
  3. A simple wool/jute area rug is a great simple ground for the busy wallpaper- this one is Pottery Barn and can be made custom size!
  4. A modern desk is the perfect antidote to more traditional furniture- this one is faux shagreen and is on sale right now for under $500!
  5. This table lamp looks a lot like hers, but is only $70!
  6. In order to stay comfortable working from home you do need a real desk chair.
  7. I like the addition of the ginger jars (which I always love!)
  8. Other ginger jar.
  9. I admit I do not like her chandelier, but I do like the idea of a modern chandelier in this space.
  10. Antique mahogany chairs for an additional workspace.
  11. I love this antique bamboo cabinet to store office supplies and paperwork!
  12. An antique dining table in a traditional style– you can sometimes find these pretty cheap at consignment stores! Or check grandma’s house! :)
  13. A gorgeous blue velvet to reupholster the chair seats (easy to do yourself with a staple gun!)
  14. I looooooove this mirror and it’s not a bad price at all!

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