April 20, 2020

My Baby Girl Nursery Design

It is very surreal to me that I am 8 weeks out from my due date. It feels like it will be the LONGEST 8 weeks of my life but yet will come fast at the same time. We spent time this weekend putting together some baby stuff, and it really hit us: holy sh*t, this is happening! Also, it feels like a LIFETIME ago that we had to deal with bottle drying racks, swaddles and diapers and it’s daunting to think about going all the way back to that stage now.

Also, with my Henry pregnancy,  the third trimester was my best phase of pregnancy- I finally had stopped throwing up and I felt awesome. This time around, it’s a whooooooole different story. What a difference 4.5 years makes- I hurt ALL over- from my calf muscles to my scalp and everything in between (the only thing I don’t get is the swollen ankles/feet/ hands thing- so there’s ray of sunshine there!)  I am so grateful to be pregnant, and with a healthy girl who kicks non-stop to let me know she’s ok, but I am pretty psyched that this is my last rodeo.

Since my due date lined up perfectly with the entire world shutting down, I have not been able to “nest” like I did the first time. But I do have a plan, of course! So I thought I’d share the final-ish (is anything ever “done” in my house? NO) design board for the nursery today. I will admit, I’m a little bummed I didn’t do pink now for some reason, but it really makes way more sense to use this palette as we know we will move in the next year or two and this way so many things can transition into a guest room, and the room itself will be an appealing blue color grasscloth for buyers. I’ll do pink in the next house :)  I also like that this feels a little unexpected for a girls room- but still feminine and bright and happy.

It all started with that luscious Kravet Althea floral fabric (retail source here). Actually, it started with the even more luscious (yet double the cost) Hollyhock floral from Lee Jofa.  I think it costs so much because it’s hand blocked and the Althea is not hand printed– I got a little hung up on this blush version, but the cost was just too insane. So I went with the Althea. It’s still so expensive, but this is my last baby and I decided they would make incredible guest bedroom drapes paired with my Serena & Lily Balboa bed I have. Ok, ending the justification rant now. :)

Anyways, the floral fabric will be drapes and I’m going a little granny and doing a pelmet in the same fabric with a little citron piping. This is the style, minus the pom poms.

Layered underneath the drapes will be simple woven wood roman shades I already have. All the wall will be done in a cornflower blue grasscloth that will make the room feel super cozy. The crib I ordered from Restoration Hardware in the cheapest fabric it came in because I am having it reupholstered in Pierre Frey’s Toile de Nantes with ivory ribbon border and brass nailheads.  Gotta be honest, this is pretty exciting as I’ve never seen a crib in this fabric, but have loved it for years.  Also, I’m in love with the toddler bed rails too!

My plan was to get a plain white crib skirt and add the Schumacher trim, but I’m on the fence if it’s “too much”. Thoughts? I was struggling to find cute, feminine yellow crib sheets but Bailey at Biscuit Home saved me by letting me know she had two older style tiny dot crib sheets I could have! YAY! And she made this adorable little boudoir pillow to go with it. I love it.

Grounding the room will be an antique rug from Lindas’s Barn– I have my eye on two. Henry also has an antique rug in his room and it’s SO kid friendly as it really hides everything, plus being 100% wool, easy to clean. I plan on reusing Henry’s lucite bookshelf, as we had it in his nursery, and ordered these adorable scalloped lined baskets from Ballard to go on it with her name monogrammed (yes, she has a name picked already!)  For the changer I am ordering this gorgeous antique-looking chest from Wisteria we’ve used in other projects as it’s on sale and I like how it works with the crib. I plan to figure out how to add a yellow tassel to the top keyhole. I bought the Keekaro changing pad that sits on top and this cute Pottery Barn caddy to corral lotion, etc. and love this Wisteria mirror for above the changer (don’t worry, ALL bolted into the wall).

One of the things we SWORE up and down when we had Henry was that next time we’d get a glider that reclines. And we did- this Pottery Barn one that my clients have loved. I am VERY excited about this.  Although there are cuter custom gliders out there I could have done, function HAD to take top priority here. We’ll top it with a cute pillow in Brunschwig’s Les Touches, so I get a touch of animal pattern in here. :)

As you may have noticed, I love the work of Kristin Blakeney (her large piece was the showstopper in the tour I shared last week). I have adored these new works she’s been doing so I asked her to do a custom one for above the crib in blues, yellows and creams. It adds that little modern touch, plus investing in real art is never a bad idea.

A couple other items I’m looking to buy: this cute bunny painting (trade only source), an Oomph tiny table for next to the glider and this scalloped ceiling light (which is 1/4 of the price of the one I was originally obsessed with).

So as soon as the world relaxes the rules a little, we’ll be getting this all installed. Until then, little lady will have to bunk with me. :)


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