May 1, 2020

Fashion Friday: Neutral Spring Bags

I had a couple people do a request for some spring bag suggestions, and it made me think– how many of you buy “trendy” or “statement” bags?  I for one, never do. Remember in the Sex and the City movie when Carrie buys Jennifer Hudson’s character a Louis Vuitton bag for Christmas? I was HORRIFIED that she didn’t get her a standard brown pattern Louis! Like, that goes with nothing! NOTHING! And is so expensive! Am I alone here in my bag anger???

When I buy a new bag, it is almost always a chestnut leather color. I have a couple black bags and one greige bag (my Hermes cross body which I love and was worth the splurge given how much I use it, but I do kind of wish I had gotten a browner version…)  And for spring and summer, I only use paler toned neutrals and lots fo raffia and woven totes (which are HUUUUUUUGE this season, if you have not noted yet). I barely use black in the spring/ summer- even when wearing black.  And you know me, of course I have some leopard bags- specifically the Clare V. clutch below that I’ve had for years and use more than any other clutch I own!

So here is my round up of spring bags– some very affordable, some a little more of an investment. Click images for links, except those that have letters next to them . Those links are below the collage!


A. // B. // C.

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