May 15, 2020

Fashion Friday: No, I Will Not Wear a Matching Tie Dye Sweatsuit.

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The trend I’ve noticed among “influencers” (I hate that word) during the pandemic is this rampant tie dye sweatsuit trend. And guys, I will be the first to say loud and proud, I hate it. Like, REEEEEEAAALLLLYYYY hate it. I think maybe most of the gals rocking them are too young to have experienced tie dye before, so they think it’s super cool and “retro”- but if you spent many summers in the 80’s trying desperately to tie dye everything you could get your hands on only for it to come out a blotchy, muddy mess- you probably are sitting this one out. I am, FOR SURE.

There are many alternatives to this look, I mean, I’d consider a potato sack a better alternative, so it’s not a big stretch. But comfort doesn’t have to mean “trend monster” or looking sloppy, either. Below are some finds that will allow you to stay comfy but look classic and reasonably adult-like. :)  From sweatsuit jumpsuits (yes, that’s a thing!) to jeggings that look like real jeans and a cute oversize top– it’s all possible.

Some personal faves here:

  • This Dior Nail Glow is SUCH an easy way to keep nails looking fresh but is SO easy. One coat on quickly filed nails and you feel instantly less like a swamp monster.
  • For spring mix in some brightly colored or paler neutral leggings, or leggings with pattern, instead of black, which gets so hot and looks heavy.
  • Loose, swingy dresses or stretchy t-shirt/ performance fabric dresses in mid-length are going to be your BEST friend this summer with comfy sandals or classic white sneaks.
  • When it comes to denim shorts (I hate shorts, but I do own a pair of denim shorts I will wear on occasion)- look for ones with stretch like these so your thighs don;t feel like they are being strangled when you sit down.
  • REALLY want this cream, loose sweater from Tuckernuck for post-baby chilly days/evenings.
  • Jogger pants in olive or other neutral/ light tones are a much more tailored option than sweatpants. Also more breathable.

We survived another week! Hope you all have a nice weekend (it is the weekend, right?)


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